Friday, February 11, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothin...Well, maybe everything!

Geez Louise, Life has been so wonderful here lately, however it's been b.u.s.y!
First I want to apologize to everyone for my lack of response lately. If you have commented on my posts, and I have not responded I am terribly sorry. I really need to get my phone set up where it notifies me when I get an email. Any suggestions as to how I can do that? Or do I need to take it to Verizon!
I also want to apologize for all my wedding posts. I know it's exciting to me, however it may or may not be as exciting to you. It's a must have though. I want to jot everything down that I can, because this is a one time experience and it's a true dream of mine. So, if I bored you, I am sorry... but I'm doing this for me! :)

Okay, now that I am done with my apology's!
Here is what has been happening in my life these days....

...Blogging World
*I'm in the middle of getting a blog makeover! Yay! I'm so excited about it!
*I hit 300 followers early this week!
*Have been a horrible commenter & replying to comments, I'm sorry!

...Wedding Planning
* First Cake tasting on the 17th.
* We meet with our Officiant on the 26th
* First makeup trial on March 3rd.
*Booked my Photographer FINALLY!
*We booked all our rentals this Tuesday.
*Trying to decide on Jewelry but don't wanna spend a whole lot.
*I picked Aaron's ring out! Yay!
*Bought everything for my hair/veil. Super excited to start that project!
*My dress is in, however I don't have time to go see it until next week. Boo!
*Working on centerpieces and table arrangements. [seems to be my fav. part]
*Discussing Flowers - [Not my favorite part]
*Realized I want my ceremony more fussing than I thought I did.
*Trying to find invitations [Nothing is popping out to me]
*Our Save the Dates came in on February 1st. Mailed them out on the 3rd.
*Working hard on DIY projects for the wedding.
*Picking the perfect music
*Honeymoon... UGH! We can NOT decide. Finally we believe we've found our destination, however it's not 110% picked out.
*Trying to figure out what I want for my cake.
*Engagement party coming up next weekend!

...Life in General
*Feeling more in love than I've ever been!
 *Finally got over being Sick. Yuck!
* Biggest Loser competition is great, however it's been expensive!
*Work is busy, good thing!
*Did my Taxes through turbo tax the second week of January, however still haven't received it. NOTE: When you do your taxes through Turbo tax, make sure submit it! HA! It took me until this week to finally realize something was up!
*My Grandpa = Not good! 4 heart attacks in a month & a weeks time! He's fighting so hard, however he is still in his right mind! My heart aches for him!
*Had Dinner with one of my best childhood friends last night! 3 HOURS! It was wonderful.
*Haven't been sleeping very well. SOOOO much on my mind!
*More baby talk... Still don't think I'm 110% ready!
*Birthday Bashes and Baby Showers!
*Have been a slacker housewife/girlfriend/fiance' - FINALLY cleaned my entire house last Sunday! Thank goodness!
*Have I mentioned my Mom is the most amazing woman ever? Life would really suck without her. She's so wonderful!
*The Bachelor = I'm hooked! Yesterday, I went back and watched the first few episodes that I missed... It was great! I did not know Brad was a Bachelor prior to this season. I learned more about him and LOVE him even more!
*Valentines Day is ... MONDAY! Aaron and I are leaving this evening for Santee Cooper, SC. He has property on the lake up there. JUST.THE.TWO.OF.US! I informed him I did not want anything for VDAY since so much love & attention has been on us with the wedding. Spending the weekend with him in a place that HE LOVES is exactly what I wanted. Hopefully the weather won't be TOO TOO cold so we can do some fishing! I.CAN'T.WAIT!!!

Wishes everyone a wonderful weekend filled with Love & Happiness!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're happy and busy and in LOVE!!! :) Have a great Valentine's trip and try to relax a deserve it!! Have a great weekend and keep writing about the wedding....I love reading about other people's weddings ;)


Marcy XOXO said...

You are forgiven... LOL However I love your wedding posts but maybe that's because I am getting married soon myself tee hee... Anyways... I am so excited that you get to go away for the weekend with just you and your love bug! HOW FUN!!! You sound so happy and I just love that... Praying for grandpa by the way! Have a wonderful weekend... Marcy

Rebekah said...

These things are all great! You've done a lot! I loved picking out Dylan's ring and now a year and a half later, we have to buy a new one! He lost it during his military training, so that wasn't fun. I'll be praying for your grandpa!

Ashley said...

OK First -- I LOVE all things wedding so no apologies needed here =)
You may want to consider DIY flowers? I did this -- however I had a very small budget. BUT I got exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the cost! just sayin!!
Oh I also DIY-ed my invites 100% because I didn't find anything I liked in our price range =)

My heart goes out to your fam for your grandpa!

You HAVE been a busy girl -- take a breath =) The Big Day will be here in a flash!
BTW- I just started recapping my wedding today -- I will be doing this for the next several Fridays

PS: I LOVE that picture of you and the boy in the canoe!! SO stinkin' cute!