Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap -

Friday -
After getting off work, I rush home to throw myself together. Danielle [My Bestie/Partner in Crime] and myself were headed out to Savannah to have dinner at Wild Wing Cafe' & a few drinks! It was great! We got there early, before the party crowd showed up. We sat, talked, and laughed our little hearts out! It was so great to catch up. After dinner, we headed across the street to another bar Pour Larry's. Once upon a time, we used to rock this little basement bar out! After sitting there talking & watching the band set up, I noticed the lead singer looked very fimilar. [Hidden Element = A Band that the both of us and my other bestie, Heather absoultely adore. We are secretly infatuated with them.] Walden [We call him Waldo] is the lead singer and I've always thought he was some kinda sexy. I told Danni, I'm pretty sure that Waldo. It WAS! Yaaay! However, we were very sad to know he left Hidden Element! Time passed & our friend, Heather showed up. She too, was very excited to see Waldo! Having the three of us together was SO awesome. It's been so long. It wasn't too much longer, when we decided to call it a night. It was an early night compared to our old days, however it was late enough. - [Sadly, I took NO pictures]
I woke up with no voice. Whatever came out.. was terribly scratchy. I sounded like a man! However, I had to be at work and ready to knock it out [Tax Season] @ 10am. I was there and .... struggling. Not because I was tired or hung over... because I had a terrible head cold! We were SUPER crazy at work. The four hours passed in a hurry! After getting home, I had a choice of cleaning house... Scratch or resting. Well, Instead I did wedding stuff. I didn't want to sleep, because I would NOT get up in a great mood in order to make it to our friends [Brannen Edwards] birthday gathering that evening. [Once again, NO pictures]
I got up & struggled to have motivation to CLEAN. Boy have I been a slacker housewife! Seriously, I've been bad. So, once Aaron left to play golf that morning, I started reaarranging my spare room. I had to move the futon in order to lay out all my wedding crafts. I couldn't handle it any longer in my living area. That got me in the mood to organize and CLEAN. Only 3 hours and my house was done! It was great. I took a 1.5 hour HOTT HOTT bath, went to visit my Mom & Dad for a bit and headed back home to prepare for the Super Bowl Party! Aaron's parents host a hugh party every year [This year we had about 75 people attend]. I made Buffalo Chicken Dip [It was gone after the first hour] for the party! It's one of my favorites! I wasn't really rootn' for either team. Aaron was pulling for the Steelers, so I went with him. However, friends of ours [Paul & Amanda] are die hard GreenBay Packer Fans. Well, More Paul and Amanda has no choice. :) I was excited for the both of them and wanted their to win just because it was their team! Make Sense? Good! Below are a few pictures I captured of the party. Mostly of Paul & Amanda....

This is Brandon AKA Buddah... He was rootn' for the Steelers.

And after the game, I was able to snap a few. Aaron too, was pulling for the Steelers!

Today, I am hating myself for not resting. I am SOOOOO sick, working, and REALLY kicking myself in the ASS for not resting. Pardon my french. I need a bottle of NyQuil!


Marcy XOXO said...

Sounds like you had a jam packed weekend! Hope you feel better girlie take care of yoself!!!

Meghan said...

Feel better hun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! You probably should slow down and rest now though until you get yourself well. Hope you feel better soon!