Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Registering

199 days to go!

We FINALLY registered!
Well... We still have not completed it completely, however we are this Sunday coming up! Every time we've set a date to register, something has come up! Being it isn't THAT important and not having to have it done by a certain time made it okay to push it off! Sunday, after getting home from the Lake Aaron thought it was a great idea to head back on the road and go to Bass Pro Shop! So, since we are all about deals, I said it's early enough to head to register! Well... I didn't think it would take SO long! Geez!
I was... WE were pooped by the time we were done! However we did NOT get to register at our second choice of store!

I'll be honest, some of the stuff I felt so guilty for registering for! However, a lot of people have told me that it's okay, to not worry. If you get it, you get it. If you don't, you don't!
The lady [who was so sweet] that was in charge of getting us started gave us a book that if you clicked certain items/brands of things you got free stuff. So, we did do that, however not expecting to get them! They were pricey. If... IF we do, it's still in our taste of style!

My FAVORITE things to register for...
Pots & Pans

Aaron's FAVORITE things to register for...
Hand Held Kitchen Ware

Registering was fun, but very tiring & a little overwhelming! As I've said, we are not finished! Next Stop this Sunday...

Our FAVORITE store!



We get to go to our FIRST cake tasting! I'm not a hugh fan of cake, however the closer this day gets... I'm more excited!

My dress is in! It has been for a week now, I just haven't had time to go get it! I wanna share it with everyone... It may happen soon! We will see


Our Engagement Party - VERY much looking forward to this!


~Dawn~ said...

Jessica - I've been following your darling love story with Aaron. You guys are seriously the CUTEST couple ever. I so much enjoy reading all about the wedding plans. It's going to be such a lovely day.....and I'm dieing to see your dress. Please post pics SOON! :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun time in your life. Enjoy every single moment!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I love weddings so much! Thanks for sharing this with us!
I can't wait to see your gown. I think of weddings the picking and falling in love with a gown is my favorite part.

♥Cait said...

Registering put a toll on me as well. I didn't realize it was sooo time consuming. Cliff would.not.go register or cake taste to save his poor little life. Which is a-ok with me! I get to pick it all out :) hehe. We are going this Sunday to meet with our ceremony musician to pick out our music and it is absolutely killing him, ha!

I didn't think Lowes had a registry, however?

I remember my cousin getting married last year and tried to register at Lowes and they didn't do it anymore? I don't know.
That was an option I wanted to do for Cliff, but when she told me that, I didn't even look any further into it. Let me know what you find out! :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

oh, registering for weddings sounds like fun! I'm not big on cake either, and am debating, when the time comes, if I even want a wedding cake.

Marcy XOXO said...

HOW.FLIPPIN.EXCITING!!! I dunno how I missed this post yesterday??? NEWAYS... Love it and all the exciting things coming up for you two... How fun! I can't wait to hear all about the dress! Geez I would love to see it haha... I think I am just as bad as you are. If I knew that people that I know in real life didn't read my blog I would totally go ahead and share mine!

Marcy XOXO said...

PS 198 now ;)