Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Playing Catch UP

Cake Tasting

I am NOT a cake person. I know, crazy huh? The only cake I love it my MIL's 9 layer chocolate cake! So, this whole time, I was not really siked about The Cake. My mother thought I was insane.
I had no ideas or must haves when it came to me finding the perfect cake.
I had nothing in particular in mind, but knew I wanted something simple.
After looking through tons of books, still nothing stuck out to me. I usually know what I like or see something and know THATS IT, or see something and create a twist and use my imagination and create my look. That's what I did with my cake. So, while we were taste testing everything, having a ball, I started to create a look in my head. I discussed it with my very creative mother, and WA-LA. My cake was designed in no time. I'm very excited to see the outcome on the final day.

My groom said NO to the camera on this very day, being he left work early
to help make these decisions. :(

Aren't these cakes awesome?
They were on display!






Georgia Bridal Show
held at the Savannah Civic Center

I have a lot done, however I'm stuck in a rut with invitations. I would love to make them, however I'm a bit lazy and don't trust myself with them. Ordering them gets expensive @ 340 guests.
Last year, 2010 I attended this same Bridal Show with a friend of mine who got married October 2010.

I remembered an invitation vendor being there, so I thought it was a must go this year. I originally intended this being a day for my maids & myself, however being I have nine, it can be overwhelming and also, I really wanted to sit down and discuss invitations.
Which is why I wanted my Mom to go. It was just the two of us & it really was great!
I have a lot of my vendors booked. Actually, all of them. However we still decided to look at everything. Compare and enjoy! You only get to do this once, so why not?
We learned a lot & went home with lots of goodies.
Might I add, Publix has the best cake I've ever tasted in my life. Too bad we already paid for our wedding cake. Seriously, It was delicious.  We also stayed for the Bridal Show, which was great entertainment.

Grooms Tuxedo

Sunday, March 13th Aaron and I are going to fit him for his Tux at Mens Warehouse in Savannah, Georgia. I had all intentions in getting his Tux from another shop, however at the Bridal Show we signed up for an amazing deal. Being we have so many men that will need to get fitted; Groom, nine Groomsman, three ushers, two Dads and two Grandfathers, Aaron gets his Tux [rental] free and he also gets a free suit to take home. Yay! The Groomsmen also get $40 off each of their tuxes. Being we have four couples in our wedding, I'm sure this will get expensive by the time September arrives. We want to keep everything as comfortable as possible. I am super excited about seeing Aaron in his tux. It will give me a small vision of what it'll be like on our big day!
This is a picture of what I have in mind.

For years, I have always known what Tuxedo I wanted. Well, kinda... who knows I've never had to pick one out before so, we'll see on Sunday!
I just want the basic, old fashion, black & white tuxedo!

This is my favorite part. One, it's a little more relaxing. This is when the shoes are kicked off and everyone has a great time. This is what I am focusing on most. Not that other areas are lacking, but when my mind wonders to Wedding Planning, my reception is where it goes. Of course I want it to be fun and full of laughter. With my group, we are dance-a-holics & like to get down... so hopefully it will be the time of our life to watch our guests enjoy our day. However, The Look of the reception is where my head falls.  You should know by my blog title, Aaron and I are completely opposite. Opposites that compliment each other. Therefore I have to pull in a look that describes his rustic/outdoor personality, but it also needs to be my personality. I am really excited about everything and can not wait to see everything come together.  We have most everything we need to create this look in my head, now we have to put them together.
If you have forgotten, my colors are Blue [Robin Egg], Shiny Gold with a splash of pink


Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I have all of these... Well, As of right now I'm using my something new as my dress. I would like to create something a little more unique and sentimental as the others are.
Although I am very excited about the four things I've choosen, I don't want to share them just yet, but would like to know what you used for your four items.



The Mrs. said...

So fun! I wasn't all that excited about our cake, but now after the tasting I'm SO excited! :D

We weren't going to use a tux for my husband because he was going to wear his blues, since he can't drink in them he's switching into a tux for the reception.

Our reception I wanted something really simple and classic. I think I got just that. :D

Something old: a penny from my birth year. Apparently it's good luck when you wear it in your shoe/carry it.

Something new: my dress, veil, shoes, etc.

Something borrowed: I think I'm going to borrow a piece of jewelry from my mom.

Something blue: my shoes and my garter (it's an AF garter).

Bracey Pate said...

It's so amazing what people can do with cake these days!

Be sure to check out the Pampered Chef giveaway I'm hosting. Low entries, and ends on Friday! There are 2 winners!!

Pamela said...

Just like 'The Mrs.' above, I had a lucky penny too, in my shoe! It was a gift at a bridal shower. My MOH & I made our invitations! If I lived closer, I would def help you!! Well I don't live that far! haha! It took time, but def saved some $ & they meant more. I wanted something simple, & that's what we did! You have done a lot already!! :D SO exciting!!

Amber said...

I can't believe you don't like cake! What about chocolate cake?! I could live off that stuff! :) I love the one with the purple butterflies, that's so pretty.

All of this is so exciting.. I can't wait to have a wedding to plan someday :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CAKE!! I am not a huge fan of fondant though I love the creations that are made using it -- that purse cake is darling!

When you go to Mens Wearhouse, make sure it's a MW & Tux place...I guess the tuxes are measured a bit differently than a suit if you aren't dealing with a place that is familiar with the tux, it MAY get measured wrong. I don't want to freak you out -- it is what I have heard!

My something blue was my shoes =)

Anonymous said...

So many fun things! It is a good thing I got married at 18 and was so carefree, at 31 I'd be a bridezilla! Your getting so much accomplished :)

Marcy XOXO said...

How exciting! Something old is still up in the air, something new is obviously my dress, something borrowed is my veil, and something blue is my University of Kentucky undies and garter ;)

Anonymous said...

Something New: My Dress, Shoes, & Earrings my sister bought me.

Something Borrowed: The garter my mom wore on her wedding day

Something Old: I wore the the ring my dad bought me when I was born on the hook of my dress.

Something Blue: My handkerchief my mother-in-law bought had blue stitching.