Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 3 [FIRST LOVE] & Day 2 [Blog Title]

Day Three
My First Love

He was short, blonde hair, big lips, and the most gorgeous eyes that caught my attention at first glance. He was 16 years old, driving a white Ford F150. He was girl-shy, friendly, and his AOL screen name was TOPSHOT58.
I can remember exactly what he was wearing the first time I met him and I can remember thinking he had the strangest voice the first time he called me. Our first date was to the High School basketball game. He was scared to death to pick me up and meet my daddy. I was his first REAL girlfriend! He told me he loved me after two weeks. Who knows love at 16 & after two weeks, right? I told him he didn't. He said "okay". We "were going out" my Freshman year [his Sophomore Year] and he broke up with me because it was summer time. The following school year we started again. He repeated his actions when summer time came. My Junior year, his Senior year... he wanted me back ... AGAIN, nope. No way! It didn't take long. We fell completely in love that year.
CraZy about each other...
[VERY first picture together, taken in January 2001]

That's right! You got it! My one & only LOVE!
My High School Sweetheart!
When we have children, we can look back and point to each other and say...
There's my First Love!

Day TWO-
Meaning behind your blog name!

Well, when I started blogging back in Feburary, I believe it was The Simple Life, because our life is very simple. As I found other bloggers, their names were SO much cooler. I realized I needed to get more creative. I then changed it a million + different times. From this to that. Nothing stuck! I kept running into Combat Boots & Flip Flops or Stilettos & a Stroller or Stilettos & a Diaper Bag. The baby thing didn't really fit me... Well, duh because I'm kid-less.
Combat Boots & Flip Flops was COOL, but for not Aaron & Myself. Me, being I wear heels everyday, I thought Stilettos & Fishing Boots or Stilettos & Hunting Boots... Hmmmm, something still didn't click! Aaron is a BIG fisherman. In fact if you look the word fisherman up in the dictionary you will see this.
Fisherman (N)- Aaron Roy Drew
I swear he owns 50 + fishing poles. Waaalaaa!

Stilettos & a fishing pole!

Couldn't be any better! 
Also, that same month we started remodeling his great grandfathers late house and started making it a home for us! So, that's when I found Becca, from Jumpin Jax Designs I made it clear I wanted a house with our picture in the header. I didn't care about the colors and such.

My tagline:
An Inside girl living in her outside world!
Okay, so this is true. Prior to meeting Aaron & falling in love & realizing Love was all that matters... I wanted to live in a city. [♥] I love the city. I wanted to live in a neighborhood where our children could run & play with the kids down the street. Thats how I was raised as a kid, before moving to the small town where we live now.
On the other hand, Aaron grew up in the same house his entire life! His family has a plantation? It used to be a campground waaaay back when his mama was a teenage.
Lots of land. Two beautiful ponds. A Pool. A Creek. Trails.  Lots of woods. . Lots of.... outdoors! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it. I love to ride four wheelers, get muddy [when expected], ride dirt roads. I do. I just never visioned my life sooo... woodsie! && it still may not. Who knows where we will be in 10 years from now, building a home for us to grow old in. But for now... I'm dating a guy who is 100% outdoorsie. He's a Fisherman. He's a Hunter. He's a Bow-Hunter. He's... everything outdoors! I am SO not!  I wouldn't change a single thing!


Molly said...

LOVE this! Ya'll are so cute. So glad I found your blog.

emilyanne said...

So neat! I'm loving learning about you! Love the blog name, and your "first love!" :)

Leah said...

I think that high school sweethearts are so rare and precious so good for you two. Your love certainly is quite a gift. : )

Green Door Girl said...

I love your blog title, honestly that is why I looked you up the first time! :) I love reading it I am well past the young love stage - mid 30s and two kids later - so it is fun to see all the excitment through your posts! Keep it up :) And yeah I am too a city girl married to a small town country boy - LOL. We compromised and live in a middle sized city with a neighborhood, but country nearby!