Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 19 Something I miss...

Okay, like yesterday I had a tough time with this. Why???
I sat and thought of a TON of stuff that I miss. Then asked myself, do I really miss that? The answer is, not really. I just have really good memories of it and it was great times in my life!
Of course there are people I miss, like my Ganny [The best grandmother in the world], and two friends from grade school that I don't keep up with as much as I'd like to... but I wanted to write something that I REALLY missed! I came up with two things.

I miss...
The days when my family didn't have other places to be on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day!
Every ones married and has more than one places to be... don't get me wrong, I love the additions to the family, but in my perfect life, I'd be completely selfish and have everyone ALL to myself. All of us, including Aaron and Myself, have to run around to different sides of our families, sometimes I only get to see certain people for 30 minutes. I don't like it. So, I miss those days!

I Miss...
All the people from my old job! They were strangers who became friends and then family to me!
In most cases, you can find something you hate, dislike, or there is someone at your job that your not a fan of. Once upon a time, I was a cosmetologist [technically, I still am] who worked at
Lotus Day Spa & Salon!
There wasn't a single person I didn't befriend or grow a love for! There wasn't anything about my job I didn't like.... [minus the standing on my feet ALL day, but I mean the business itself] Although I still talk to most of these people below, I miss our days together. We ALL got along. Never Never Never, was there any drama! It was always good times and a lot of laughs!

Top: Teresa [Hair Stylist], Keturah [Hair Stylist, Salon Manager], Jenny [Receptionist], Carla [Massage Therapist],  Myself [Hair Stylist & Nail Technician] Dee [Hair Stylist]
Below: Tiffany, Owner [Skin Care/Facials, Body Waxing, Nail Technician]
These two ladies, Dee & Keturah, were my side kicks!
They became best friends of mine! Everyday made a memory. We always had something we were going through, a story to share, or getting into mischief. I had SO much fun with these ladies!

[My ladies weren't really falling out of this dress, I Promise]
Jerry, Lowery, & [oh my I forgot her name]
are added to this picture!
They worked in the Spa! Jerry was the only male to ever work at
Lotus Day Spa!

WOW! What a rough picture!!
We had SO much fun this night! We were actually in Orlando for a BIG hair show! It was an 80's party at the House of Blues that Paul Mitchell hosted!
Not THE Paul Mitchell, but yes... his son was there and has now taken over!
It was quite a show and we made SO many memories!

This is Dee, Keturah, & myself at the hair show!
Actually, the day before we dressed up for the 80's party!
The hair show was PHENOMENAL! If you ever get a chance to go to one, you MUST!

Tiffany & myself at her Bachelorette Party!
We still keep in touch and talk here and there, but not as much as I'd like!
However, we are the type that picks right back up where we left off!
She was the greatest boss who made an amazing friend!

My job at Lotus ended shortly after the hair show. It was my choice!
I was offered this job, [making less money] but had a future for higher positions!
Never in a million years would I have thought I would be an P&C Insurance Agent!
Another reason I left was because of life style. I never knew what I would bring home every week.
My body ached, even at age 21-22-23 and there were many nights I'd be working late.
That wasn't how I wanted my lifestyle! For the time being, it was fine! But I want to come home, cook dinner for Aaron, catch up and do what I have to do. I'm a wanna be homemaker! [haha]

So, That's what I TRULY miss!
Again of course I could say...
...Being a kid and not having any bills, because who like bills right?
But, I love growing up and my life as an adult.
... The days I had extra money to shop [all the time]. But I quit my job[s] in order to have more of a family life. It's so worth it, & I'd do it all over again. [Just waiting on "THE" Agent position of my store]
... my size 4 jeans... but, well I have no excuse!
.... Jamaica! Who wouldn't?
yadi yadi yaaaa!
You get my drift??? Okay, I'm done now!
[Laugh] So, last night we carved pumpkins!
I'm gonna wait to share so I can write one big Halloween 2010 post.
But here is a sneak peak...

Can you guess which pumpkin is MINE??

Happy Friday!!!
We are going to a Hunted Forest tonight! YAY!
I don't know how I will do. I get spooked easily!


SayRah said...

great pumpkins! I need to carve one, soon. I know, it's hard to really think about what you miss; and it's always the things you don't think you'll miss, but when they are gone, you do!
have a great weekend, darlin!

Marcy XOXO said...

Good luck in the Haunted Forest... I could NOT do it! haha I am a big scaredy pants! Love the pumpkins.. HOW FUN! PS love yo' answers! Such a good response. Hope you have an AMAZING weekend sweetie!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

oh my goodness. i totally miss when my family didn't have other places to be on christmas day!!

Ashley said...

I have given you an award for your blog! Come check it out!!

McKenzie said...

Love the pumpkins!

I definitely miss the days where all my family got together in one place for hours. On days like that there needs to be more time.