Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5; Siblings

My Siblings are....
Brian & Kim [& Bridget]


is eight years older than I am. We've always been pretty dang close. As a little girl, he made me practice football with him, play ninetindo [Mario 3], and also got me in lots of trouble. ;) If he wanted something, he'd get me to do it for him. Ha, yeah! You can only imagine! He's really big into sports, like reeeeeallly big! The Georgia Bulldogs, the Mets, and The Dallas Cowboys are his favorites! You don't want to be anywhere near him when his team is loosing. And that's in anything. He doesn't like to loose. He makes it very known. Brian has a really big heart for people and a reeeeally weak tummy! He married, Kerri five years ago. They went to school together all 13 years, and were only friends... til after college! They have three beautiful children who are my heart!
Austin, Ashlyn, Addyson

& my sister, Kim-

wasn't always the biggest fan of me. I'm five years younger than her, so I was a tag a long.
We didn't always get along. We clashed in our teenage years but as the years got older we made an incredible bond. She too, is very caring, an amazing cook, EMOTIONAL, and she's always there for me.
She made me an Aunt when I was 16 years old. Chloe is a little more like a little sister, kind of!
Kim is big into TV show, like Big Brother, The Bachelor[ette], & Soap Operas.
Kim had the hardest time finding love, and finally found him about three years ago.
They married, which made me gain another niece & nephew. They are so wonderful.
Together, Kim & Tommy had my youngest niece, Emily Grace a year ago. She's pretty awesome!

Angel, Chloe, Aaron, & Emily Grace!

&& Bridget

She's Aaron's sister, but my sister!
She's pretty awesome too!
Bridget is married to Patrick & together they have one baby one.
Turning one on Novermber 2nd, Reid Avery
Bridget & Patrick aren't picture friendly, so this was the only picture I already had uploaded of them!

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Rebekah said...

What great siblings! You are very blessed!