Saturday, October 2, 2010

Their getting MARRIED, today!

Our Friends Jeremy & Brycelyn are getting married today
! I am SUPER excited for many reasons!

  1. I love watching people get married + I love weddings
  2. Their story is pretty touching! 
  3. It's kinda... somewhat out of town. Aaron & I are hauling three other couples up to the small town of Swainsboro GA.
  4. We are staying over night, therefore you know what that means...We can let loose!
  5. I know nothing about this wedding, which drives me crazy. Imma tell it all kinda girl. Brycelyn is very different, & I mean that in a good way. She doesn't really put her business [in all categories] out there. Although, I am reeeeealllly excited about the wedding. Anticipation is CrAzY!
Aaron grew up with Jeremy as a little boy. They are the same age! Brycelyn came into his life... 6?? years ago??? I think. Anyway, I'm really excited! If you haven't checked out the Engagement Party I [helped] throw or the Lingerie Shower I gave her, be sure to check them out!

They are getting married at Flat Creek Lodge, which is where Jeremy proposed in from of about 100 other people the day for Valentines Day. Again, another really cool proposal story! From pictures of the lodge, it's absolutely beautiful! Check it out HERE.

Congratulations to Jeremy & Brycelyn!

As of now, I need to go... We are meeting my Daddy at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.
Happy Saturday!!!

Oh, Good news, My MIL gave me her camera. That's right! GAVE it to me. She knows how much pictures mean to me, & since I STILL haven't found mine, she had an extra one! So, I will DEFINITELY be taking pictures! Yayy!


♥Cait said...

I'm SOO excited! See you there :)

FeliciaE said...

Congrats to your friends, may they have many years of marriage bliss.