Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17 - Something I look forward to

Last Night, we got in our Halloween mode!
Every year we go to my parents house and trick 0r treat with my nieces and nephews. It's a big family thing. It's great watching the little ones all dressed up. So, last night, after cooking dinner, I made cupcakes for tomorrow night [Pumpkin Carving] and we filled our Candy bags for Satruday night as we watched  horror movies all night!
It was great!

Alright, so... Somehing I look forward too...
Hmmm, there is SO much!
Seriously, where do I start???
Handing out Candy this Saturday
Pumpkin Carving tommorrow night
 ALL the Christmas Parties @ Celebrations I already have planned
 New Years
[A Proposal??? [Come on already babe]]
My Ladies Night out in November
I've been asked to Coorindate a Wedding [How Exciting?]
 Reid's 1ST birthday
My Wedding Day♥
Sitting on my front porch at age 70, holding hands with my first love
Getting our Doggie at the begining of the year [GO VOTE ON A NAME]
Starting OUR Family [in a few years]
... There is so much more!

But, there are two things that really stand out, that I am REEEALLLLY looking forward too!
Vacations NEXT year!
This year we weren't able to do too much! Lack of Mula$$ and time off from work!
Next Summer & Fall we plan on taking a big and mini vacation!
I'll start with the BIG vacation...
We are trying to get a group of our friends together on a cruise and head somewhere we haven't been in a few years. Somewhere like...

We plan on going on a 5 day cruise! We are really looking forward to it!

The second trip,
  will probably only be a weekend trip, which is completely fine! But this time, it's gonna be just Aaron and myself! Yay! Usually, we group up, so this should be nice to get away by ourselves! We are going to

 Epcot, Disney World!
 Now, I'd LOVE to do so much more, but Aaron doesn't wanna do the whole Disney thing, until we have a family! He doesn't understand that place is for children and adults! I'm a hugh Disney fan! Always have been!
Aaron and I want to explore the world as much as possible. Right now, we can't afford to come and go to different countries, so... we found that in Epcot you can! We want to visit all the different places & countries and see different cultures! I think tasting the variety of foods will be pretty neat also!

So, we're  SUPA excited about this trip! I think we will have a blast!

So, what are YOU looking forward to?
I must admit, I'm kinda sad it's the 17th day...
We are half way through. I've had a really good time doing this!
A while back I started a 30 Day Blog Journal, and it wasn't bad, but I believe I didn't even finished the first week. Thanks to Katie! You've done a wonderful job hosting this Blog Challenge! I've met a lot of great blogger friends!


Lindsi said...

Haha, we've had the same discussion about Disney World in our household :) I REALLY wanna go, but my hubby thinks we should wait to go as a family. I feel your pain ;) Silly men!

Marcy XOXO said...

LOVE THIS! I can't wait until we can take our family to Disney World but I agree with you it's not just for kids ;) I have actually had several friends go there for their honeymoon! PS your cupcakes are ADORABLE!!! Have a wonderful day friend!

MishMish said...

Your cupcakes look awesome!!!

I went to Disney World & Disney Land when I was young, but I would love to take my own kiddos now. I know it has changed dramatically!!!!! I think next year we might have to start looking at packages & planning a trip b/c I would love to take Emma while all those characters are still real to her!!

Katie K. said...

You are too sweet! Love this post! Your vacations all sound so amazing! I am too looking forward to Christmas and the holidays!

LaDonna Rae said...

YOU WILL LOVE LOVE LOEVE a cruise!!! Went in '07, can't wait to go again...have fun!!?!?!?

Kit said...

Great list! You have some great things you are looking forward to! :)

Molly said...

Wonderful list girl!

A cruise to Mexico, can I come along? HA! LOVE Disney as well, you guys will have an absolute blast!

Cute cupcakes and treat bags as well!


LivKit said...

Great things to look forward to! Love the cupcakes! :) Mexico is awesome! Hope you have a wonderful time!