Monday, October 11, 2010

Me? Hunting... That's right!

Okay, Okay.. So I don't look like the Hunting type, right?
Well, I'm not! By far! I am an animal lover & can't imagine watching something die, better yet...
killing something that has feelings! [besides bugs & frogs]
But, yesterday was an exception! It was Mr. Wonderfuls 26th birthday, so I tagged along! I made the entire weekend about him! :D
 Birthdays are BIG around here!

This is Aaron & Myself, putting on our boots!

We were hunting at one of his clubs called The Briar Patch!

              It's a smaller club about 5 minutes from our house!

Ready to Rumble! No, I don't shoot a bow either, He does!

Smile, Babe!
You gotta understand, about 4 years ago I went hunting with him the first time.
I lasted literally, a whole 8 mintues!
I haven't been hunting since!
I take that back, I've been turkey hunting with him, but not deer!
Turkey hunting involves more movement!
I'm very hyperactive to sit still. I can do it for about... One minute!

Here is Aaron, marking the spot where we were located!
We had only one option, since there were two of us!
Remember, it's a small club!

We had to walk down this....
I couldn't stop laughing.. It just felt wrong!
He knew this was gonna be funny! We were walking and came up to it, and he looked backed at me and just smiled and shook his head yes!
 He had to drag me through this.


This is what we were hunting in...I was able to actually move in this! 
Not bad!
Last time, I wiggled too much! A.D.D!

From where we were sitting in the stand, this was the road directly in front of us!
Aaron was spraying the scent of a doe in heat! Yeeeah, you read that right!
It's called tink ??? something! Three numbers!
If you can see the small branch sticking out from the right of the trees....
A buck scraped the ground underneath the branch, then does come and pee on it and then the Buck comes back and checks it everyday! HA! I learned that sitting there.

I LOVE this picture! So US!

Picture from inside the box!

[shhhh, it was okay with me]
But... Our Friend, Michael, who also hunted that club the same night,
did kill a buck! We actually heard the gun shot!

Yay for Michael!
So it wasn't a bad trip! I had nothing nice to say 4 years ago, but this time was okay!
Not my thing to do every weekend, but I was a trooper!
We then headed home, in order to eat Aaron's favorite meal!
Chicken Fajitas!
Happy Birthday Babe!

Anything for Love♥


McKenzie said...

I love your rubber boots! Glad you guys had a good time!!

LaDonna Rae said...

Love the foot wear, its so CAMO...NOT, LOL...Just saying hi from

Green Door Girl said...

I am impressed - I so wouldn't have gone - I love your rain boots - PERFECT for hunting! :)