Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Megan's Giveaway! My FIRST time entering a giveaway!

Megan @ In This Wonderful Life
She's giving away these

I love Stella & Dot! They have GREAT stuff, Like these earrings!
 Actually, back at my 25th Birthday Party...

My girlfriend had a Stella and Dot Jewerly TRunk show...
We were all unprepared to buy anything, so that sucked. But also, it was kinda out of my $$$ range!

I FELL in LOVE with this necklace!

NO WAAAY could I afford! Its was somewhere around $200
But, when I gave her her her Lingerie Shower, she gifted it to me!
Crazy Right??? I was very thankful! I actually cried!
I'm a baby!

So, I'm entering this giveaway..
1. I love jewlery!
2. I LOVE these earrings!
3. Saving the best for last... Megan is one of my favorite bloggers!
[Brown Noser]

Pray I win! I want to!!! These would be GREAT holiday earrings!


Sheri said...

You're too cute! hope you win!

Haute Mom said...

Good luck - great jewelry!
Here from the blog hop! I am now a follower!