Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day ONE

So I'm trying this again, hoping not to fail like I did last time! Aly from Analyze This inspired me! I remember the first time I became "blog friends" with Aly. She was one of my very first followers, & was doing some giveaway or blog hop [can't remember exactly] with Julie from Brown Eyed Belle. I fell in love with her blog title & the reason she named it that. Click HERE to find out!

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It's a 30 day blog challenge!
Can I do it?
Hmmmm, we will see!
It starts.... NOW!

Day ONE-
Share a recent picture of you & share 15 facts  with y'all.

Okay okay, so maybe I cheated a little! I didn't snap a photo of myself this very moment
because the camera on my phone doesn't like me very much today.
This photo was taken only Sunday [10.10.10] so that counts, right???
[No, I am not a hunter. Click HERE to see why I'm in Camo!]

Fifteen Facts about Myself-
[one.]I'm so ready to start planning my wedding [like for real], but I need to be engaged first! :( bummer!
[two.] i'm the opposite from shy.
[three.] i ♥  boneless buffalo wings dipped in bleu cheese.
[four.] My hair color is not blonde. It's red. No really, I dyed it yesterday!
But not the same red as my natural color.
[five.] i have really great in-laws, although I tend to clash with my MIL at times.
[six.] i visited a psychic about a 1.5 months ago, she told me I was going to have twin boys. yikes!!! NOT how i saw my future.
[seven.] we are saving $$$ for a Brittany Spaniel. I want to name him, Cooper!
[eight.] likes candy too much.
[nine.] i'm very very close to my mom.
[ten.]i have the worst luck growing my nails.
[eleven.] i ♥ boots of all shapes, styles, and sizes.
[twelve.] flats hurt my feet, heels do not. [most of them]
[thirteen.] i (very much) clash with "i'm too good for you/that/this" kind of people.
[fourteen.]i do not eat mayonnaise.
[fifteen.] Aaron is the best part of me!

Okay, so that's it! THere it is. That wasn't so bad! Although it took me FOREVER to do the 15 part! :D Hope you enjoyed! Come back tomorrow!



Beth said...

I'm a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! You can follow my blog at

Katie K. said...

So so glad that you are participating! I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Leah said...

Best of luck on the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Kit said...

I love spaniels. I have 2 English Springer Spaniels...spaniels are the best. They are so loyal!

I don't eat mayo either :)