Thursday, October 7, 2010

Step inside my Harvest Home

That's right! I'm SO ready for fall! Thank goodness it's here!
My House is ready too! For the past few weeks, I've been trying to get everything prepared! I've had a ball!
 Step inside and see how we've prepared our NEW home for the holidays!
This is the first time we've had a holiday we could decorate for since we remodeled and moved in back in June!
I'm SO excited!

The Wreath up top hangs on our front door. I actually bought the wreath, and then my friend, Candice [the birthday girl, two days ago] bought me the welcome sign! So, I attached it! I think it looks great!

I kind of put this together randomly. The little iron stool, always sits there. For the summer, I had a pretty flower pot full of wild daisys. As soon as you walk up our porch, this sits to the right of the door!

These are another favorite of mine! Only, you can't see the golden glitter very good, due to the lighting!
This sits on my coffee table! I love it!

Drum roll please....

Our fireplace!
I love it! I wish I could've filled the inside up with regular pumpkins like I planned, but we didn't for two reasons!
1. Buying pumpkins can get expensive!
2. My fireplace = Gross!
Since we moved in in June and it was summer time. I'll be honest. We painted the frame, tiled it, and replaced the nobs... but we never really touched the inside!
 That is diffently a must-do before Christmas!!!

Here's the overall picture!

I painted each pumpkin & then filled the vases with leaves & pine cones!

Now... let's step back outside!!!!
I'm SUPER excited about this!
Please meet, Aaron & Jessica Pumpkin/Scarecrow style.....

How great???
We had a lot of fun doing this last night, and it didn't really take very long!
I tried very hard to get Jess in a dress, but she wasn't having it. She said it was waaay to chilly outside!

I'm am REALLY excited about all of my decoration!
It's been SO long since I could decorate how I want and have alot of space!
Inside & Outside!
Thought I might share since everyone's in the Harvest / Fall mood!


brae&joey said...

Cutee!! .. I LOVE the scarecrows! ..
I can't wait to get our new house so that I am able to decorate all cute! (:

Green Door Girl said...

New follower from Social Parade on Friday. I love your pumpkins, your blog is really cute - I LOVE the name! I love the "can't buy enough stationary even though I make my own" in your bio - seriously I have a stationary/invite addiction, I can't stop buying it either! I hope you will check out my blog and follow back :)
Jennifer -

Renegades said...

Oh it looks so cute!