Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Coke Man!!!

Have you ever had one of those... MEN, who look at you in the weird way.  It's not even inappropreiate, it's more Akward. That's right, Akward. It's like this... So, I work for a company [Yes, I'm blogging at work... bad Me] that is located next to a Dollar General, EVERY Wednesday, their Coca Cola truck comes to deliver their products. The same driver is always here... He's the prime suspect. This guy... maybe 20, 21, MAYBE 22... years old tickles me to death. He has no shame of trying to me Mr. I'm a Stud!

It all started one day, when I noticed he was standing outside my office [In which, the store front is completely glass] checking himself out in his refection of the glass,
smoking a nasty cigarette.
Okay, okay... I'm guilty of it too, but come on'... Not when people are around, better yet.. Not when someone see's me! We just to happened to see each other.. I believe for the first time.  So... this started a hilarious venture for me. Although, as the Wednesday's passed... I think he think's ... Hmmm, what does  he think? I don't know. I don't think he can REALLY see me from the parking lot, but I know he knows I'm here. Why? Because... As he get's out of the truck, he looks right at me, walks to the back of the semi- & starts electronically letting the back door down. [I'm going to try my very best to describe in detail how exactly he does this.. Have an open mind.. & wear your smile]
[Picture taken while sitting at my desk... Notice the Area off to the Right]
 -- WHATEVER button he pushes... he stands, leaning a little, with his leg crossed on top of the ther, & one hand on his hip & the other holding himself up, STARING directly at me.
                                                          Like THis-

Or maybe.. he'll "talk on the phone" as he looks into the distance with is amazing posture.
                                                        LIke So-
                                  as he let's the breeze of the wind his his face

This kid is cracking me up! When he pushes this [guessing weight of 100 lbs] cart filled with Coke Products.. he struggles like I've never seen before.

Don't get me wrong, he's a hard worker... but it's crazy. He ends his day... standing right outside my glass office front, smoking a cig or talking on his phone, occassionally every TWO minutes looking directly at me. It's so strange. It's GREAT though, because it really makes me giggle. You ladies have to know what I'm talking about when a guy so happens to check you out continuously... and it's just akward. I can't work hardly do to this distraction. He makes it KNOWN he's there. It's REALLY akward when I go to lunch when he's here, and as soon as I walk ou the front office, he crawls up... and disappears. But I'm okay with that part... I don't really know what to do.. it's just weird!
- Being Wednesday's are usually a bit boring.. I'm going to start and a small talk about Coke Man & update his "Look at Me..I'm over here" actions.Maybe I can sneak a picture of him in "stare action"  next Wednesday!
Maybe you could share an akward story. I'd love to hear it! 

Have a HAppy Wednesday!
♥ jla

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Your blog is so sweet and your comments are LOVELY! I'm so glad you love Green Pickles!
It's called Green Pickles because my favourite colour is Green and I seem to end up in random situations in life, which I call Pickles! So it kinda came from there! Also, my graphic design work is under the name DottyPink so it was a follow on from there! Thanks for being a follower! I really appreciate it - come back tomorrow as I'm having a special event!