Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funny VS Inspiring

So this week.. Man, it's been off the wall happy! I'll save that for Tomorrow for THursday Five! Not only has it been an amazing week, it's been a tearful one too. Tearful, described as... Tears of Sadness, Hope, Joy, & Inspiration!
I'll start with my NEW neighbor. Debbie Hice... She's just awesome! Her and my Mother in Law are best friends, and too her husband Rick is just as close to My Father in Law. They are wonderful people, who'd do anything for you... better yet, they do anything for anyone! It's been one thing after another for Mrs. Debbie. Last week... Or maybe the week before, She was inform she had Cancer. BOMB! Wow, devastating! The cancer was found in her Breast & is the fast growing kind. Let's pray the cancer is not in her bone. She's a tough cookie though. She's gonna be fine! God doesn't give you what you can't handle right? Keep your Faith are the words I keep telling her! It's True. God is awesome!


Back: Mrs. Debbie, Mr. Rick
Front: Kandi & Paul[& Aaron's Parents]
Inspiration & Joy goes to a young lady I went to High School with. Shae Cowart. She's was everyones find, always wore a smile, and like Debbie... Would do anything for anyone. Shae was younger than me, I think by a few years, so it wasn't until we started Cheering together for the High School team that we became close friends... More like Sisters I'd say. My Team was very, very, very close... The Team had a bond that was CraZy for each other. We wanted to strangle each other most of the time, but let an outsider dare hurt ones feelings.. We'd be on them. :) Personally, whether I talk to the girls now or I don't... Most of them I don't, I still care & hold tremendous feelings and emtions for them. When one is hurt, I hurt inside. It's kinda weird. [Remember, I come from a VERY small town.. We all know each other very well.]
ANYWAYS... sidetrack with my history of this miracle!
We're back on track... I'm not going to tell you the story.. I'll let you read for yourself.
So, do so... then come back to my page and finished the rest....

[click her name to read the story]

Shae & her Husband Charlie

Are you crying? I was when I read this this morning! I'll never forget when I heard about Shae. It pretty much was a dream! To know that she's come so far... and hopefully will be walking again it's truely GOD'S miracle. 
BELOW:  is a song that ALWAYS reminds me of Shae, & it's weird because around the same time she was getting married.. this song came out! It makes me cry everytime!
To Listen Click -

I'll Walk - Bucky Covington

OKAY, OKAY... Enough of the saddness ALREADY!
It's COKE MAN wednesday, and YES the Coke man was back. So, last weekend when I was describing how akward this guy is I drew some pictures to help describe his crazy actions. THIS week.. yes, I did... I had my camera on my phone out... Now, I had to be VERY sneaky, because remember... My office front is completely glass! This was great! THank goodnes we were totally slow today, because not only did I win the spot of looking funny by reaching my arms way out in different spots trying to get a capture of this guy!!!! So, Jack, the man I work with... his desk as a much better view & he was gone today, So.. that's right.. I switched desks. Oh man, I know he could clearly see me this time.. which is why I had be be very smooth... I looked like Wilson on Home Improvement

So, here are the pictures I got.
Go back and compare them to the pictures I drew last week ...
They're pretty darn good!

As you can see... This is where Wilson comes in..
My fence is the the computer shown here on the bottom.
[HAHA... Aaron's gonna kill me!]
&& This is where he stands when he strikes his poses & looks directly into the office.

Do yuo see his leg croosed, his other hand is on his hip.. he's leaning but this time...
he's faces the outside.. NOT MY OFFICE. This, I can deal with...

I'm exactly sure what's going on here...
This is RIIIIIGHT before he struggles. He moves to fast in order to get a picture of that!
Maybe next week...
THat's it!
Am I stalking, & not meaning to? Is this normal?
I'm just trying to share my laughter on Wednesdays!!!

Have a good day!
See ya tomorrow for THursday Five!

♥ miss jla


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