Sunday, June 6, 2010

RECEP -April, May, & June

Okay, for MOnths now, I haven't been the greatest at posting pictures && sharing EVERYTHING I've been up too. && tonight I have date night with myself. I'm loving it. I never get time anymore for me. I should be truthful and admit tonights date night also includes  my pillow, TV, & Lifetime. Oh I love it. My Man wanted us to go bowling w/ friends, and I really just wasn't up for anything. So, I sent him on his way! :)
These are some photos that will help share our latest events, vacations, & crafts i've been getting into. 
Oh and how on earth could I forget... Pictures on the HOUSE! :) Boy oh boy...Our Move in Date is  FIVE days away.

Let's start with April. My girlfriend, Heather's birthday was the 29th. I believe I posted a blog about going down to the beach to celebrate, but didn't have a picture at that time! Once upon a time.. I shared an apartment with these ladies in College... We have some [CrAzY] stories.
We are all still very close friends!
Me, Danielle, Brandi, Heather

Another close friend of mine, Holly owes a Dance Studio. As much as I love to dance, I don't teach it. But, I'm there if she needs me for anything. To organize, give ideas, gather information & so on. Her FIRST dance recital was in May. It was a wonderful turn out. To see more pictures click HERE and find STEPZ STUDIO
Me, Holly, & Heather

May 14th - We had our monthly game night w/ friends. This time Daniel & Candice DeLoach were are hosts. We ate Low Country Boil && had PLENTY for dessert. We played Taboo & Spoons.
 It was a great turn out.
Me & my girlfriend Kristie.
She's a blogger. Click her name to check her out.

Kristie & her Husband, Michael

Okay, MEMORIAL DAY- this past weekend.
We took the campers down to Fort McAllister, [in Richmond Hill Ga].
It was great. We had a lot of friends & family with us. We played cornhole, roasted smores over the fire... Yes, it was too HOTT for a fire, but it helped keep the horse flies away, & of course we found the sand bar during the day where we soaked up the sun, ate Watermelon, & Sipped on delicious drinks.

I brought the Watermelon...
 It was delicious

I loooved my toenail polish.
Got a little cRazY

Our Nephew, Reid 
First time in his CrAb!
Aaron && our friend, Jeremy
They just love each other!
We got WAAAY too much sun!
The Men played Poker after hours!

We had a blast. It was a great get-a-way!

*And last, but definitely not least..
the update on mi casa!
All we are waiting on is our carpet. Which SHOULD come monday, and should be laid down tuesday or wednesday. I'm getting so impatient. Really, I should say we are. Then of course, our painter has to come back, and paint the shoe molding. And we are done. I've already started working on my Bathrooms. I can't help it... it's been waay too long!
The BEST part of all this..
We've paid every bit of it.. with cash!
Thanks to Dave Ramsey... No CREDIT CARDS!

Craft Room / Guest Bedroom

Our Bedroom -
 I LOVE this room && can't wait to see my finished product.

Craft Room && Aaron's Man Room!

My Living Room, Craft Room, && Man Room
[Everyones FREAKING out about my living room accent wall... I have so many ideas]

Missing: My sticks & our carpet!

Guest Bath

These are a project I'm making...
I've taken my OLD shower curtains hangers && painted them
to match my Guest Bathroom Decor!
I'm SUPER stoked!

Again, Some people were unsure of my Orange walls...
but I wanted Orange SOMEWHERE in my house from the VERY start.

Isn't it just GORGEOUS?
I still  have work to do in here.. but it's getting there.

My Rug in my Bathroom.

Click HERE to the house before & afters...
You will appreciate the pictures more!

Have an awesome Sunday!
My Honey just called.. He's almost home.
Good Night -

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