Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog Name Here to Stay....FINALLY!

So, I've FINALLY chosen a Blog Name that I plan to stick with! I kept changing due to it just not being right. It started off as Our Simple Life, but then I'd bring in only my life stories & opinions. Then changed it to Life with a Country Boy & his Southern Belle, Which was perfect... only if the Blog was ONLY about me & Aaron. It is mostly, but I've ventured out & learned more about blogging, to only blog about Mine & His Life. That's when I wanted something really crafty. Something that made people think of Me & Aaron. So my mind brought me to Stilettos & a Fishing Pole! Totally US! I thought that is was the winner, but .. No, I changed my mind. If Aaron were to be blogging on here too, then maybe so, but since it's Me only... I needed something about myself & how my life is described! So, here it is to stay!
In Her Closet...


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