Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

 This week Chosen TOP TWO is about the men from the The Bachelorette, the TV show.
Pick your two favorite men

My kind of man is down to earth, fun, & makes me laugh. The kind of laugh from the heart of the tummy, not just a giggle. He has romance, but not the cheesy kind. As much as I like to be romanced, I don't like the fake, gooey kind of romance. Unfortunately, I do not watch The Bachelorette. Therefore, I had to do my homework. After reading about all the different men & watching the RECAP, I've picked my TOP TWO. A few of the guys were close to follow were close to follow.

My Choices are: Ty & Frank... with Jesse quick to follow.


He seems a little goofy. But, I can handle goofy. What I LOVE about him, is he's a little league baseball coach for the unprivledged && His Voice! His voice is SeXy.. Whooo, it's give me goosebumps! That caught my eye from the start. That's 3 plus' right there for me.  He played a song for Ali on the Beach during the Sex Guy Calendar photo shoot. Although, I love a man with a guitar... I thought it was cute, but a little cheezy. It was honest. Ty also informed Ali he was married, but divorced. To me, that's nothing. Some people judge that, but I look over it. He was honest & straight forward with that. A relationship without 100% honesty is no healthy relationship. I don't like any secrets. So, that was a plus.

Ty Singing to Ali!

My Second Choice:
 Frank -
Ali had a date with Frank first. I was hestitant at first, but really liked him by the end of the date. I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, but Frank wouldn't have been my first choice if it were based on style & looks. [Not that he is bad looking]
I LOVED the kiss on the hand. You may have not noticed it, but That's my style. Forehead & Hand kisses win this heart. I'm not a PDA kind person. I loved how Frank wasn't too camera shy. He didn't seem uncomfortable taking the pictures while EVERYONE watched in Hollywood. He was fun, easy going, & didn't seem like he was "out to impress". He was laid back. He also made her laugh.. ALOT. A good "Heart of the Tummy" laugh.
Sitting in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign with a view of the City, just talking w/ great conversation won my heart. It's my kind of date.
Thhheeeennn, the end of the date, on the hood of the car... SHARING a cupcake! Something about sharing food that I love!!!! Very happy that Frank got a Rose & that she is crazy about him.

Frank Accepted his Rose!

I didn't pick Jesse as my second choice BECAUSE... i didn't think he he comforted Ali when she was freaking out on the plane. She was grabbing his his hand, and he didn't reach back. But, I reeeealy like him && he's the best looking guy. WHat I like about him MOST.. is He's a small town, Country Guy! My kinda Guy...He fits my better half most. But of course, We're picking for Ali!I do not like: Craig M. At All.. What an aggravating prick. Glad he's GONE!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I thought the same thing about Jesse not comforting her on the plane..but I think he was scared to maybe? Love your picks...I think Ali and Frank would be great match!!!!! And I loved the hand kiss too!

Christa said...

Love Frank! He is too sweet! They would be great together! Love your blog!!!