Monday, June 28, 2010

A weekend with the LADIES

Welcome to a NEW week... My Birthday Week! [Although the celebration has already started]
If you don't know, I'm a HUGH birthday celebrator. I try to make sure SOMETHING is happening in all the lovely people in my lives on their birthday! I also believe it's not just one day... it's a week all about you.
Anyone else with me?

Last week my girlfriend threw me & my bestie a Cupcakes & Cocktails gathering to start celebrating our 24th & 25th birthdays. Keep reading and you will find recaps of the party!!!!

Click HERE to see MORE photos of Cupcakes & Cocktails
Friday Evening, after clocking out... I went grocery shopping for  a party I was hosting Saturday NIght.
After getting home, my amazing girlfriends, Rachel & Holly came over to help me prepare!  We got a lot accomplished!!! Thank you girls!
Saturday = Busy! I clocked in at 10am. Yes, that's right... I had to work! Ugh! It wasn't bad. ONly four hours. As SOON as 2pm hit the clock, I was out the door to attend my cousin's 2nd birthday party. 
Mady Shurling
Isn't she Adorable?

She has the BEST personailty of a two year old!
Aaron & I didn't get to stay long, due to having to get home to set it.
Rushing home to start baking the dishes we prepared the night before!
[REWIND] when I left that morning for work.. I gave Mr. Wonderful a Honey Do! NEVER thinking or expecting the bigs ones to be done...
The Honey Do consisted of:

  • Trash [was expected to do]

  • Fix the Man Room Door [Maybe a little expected to do]

  • Remove the wheelchair ramp attached to our front porch

  • Bring Chairs Up [ was expected to do]

  • Hang up my kitchen Cornish Board [really wanted it, but didn't think it'd happen THAT day]

  • Get our tables from my parents house...[My Dad is a glass man & put glass table tops on our side & coffee tables && it was expected to do]

  • MAYBE BABY, would you refresh my flowers???
It was ALL done! Everybit of it...
Okay, Sorry... I had to brag && give him LOTS of credit!

Thanks to Rachel coming over early, I was able to get out of my PJ's and look half way put together.
Thanks Rach! You're Awesome!

6:00pm came FAST! My guest were arriving && EVERYTHING was ready!
 My first time hosting in our new home! It was a wonderful turn out. I had 18 woman + the Consultant! It was great. Although, I didn't even get a chance to participate in the presentation... I was chatting, filling up drinks, making plates & of course giving tours!
I didn't even get a chance to snap many pictures.. However, I did manage to take a couple snap shots with my Camera Phone during the action && ONE after the food had been devoured!
I served::

  • Grammye's Strawberry Dessert with Fresh Strawberries

  • Spinach Dip [Amazing, Click HERE for Recipe]

  • Veggie Pizza [Click HERE for Recipe]

  • Bacon Wraps

  • Pigs N a Blanket

  • Cheese Cake from the Cheese Cake Factory

  • Boiled Peanuts

  • and then had bowls of chex mix on all the tables where the presentation was being held.
Sweet Tea, Coke, Sprite,  Diet Coke & Bottles Water were also available.

SUNDAY... I was up at 7am. Started the dishwasher, && cleaned the house a bit, before heading to my MOther in Law's house to make her, My sister N law, Bridget, & my Brother in Law, Patrick's Beautiful. Meaning their Hair. Once upon a time, I was a Hair Stylist. I also cut my Dog's hair.. Jackson. After a few hours of color & cuts, I came back home to Mr. Wondeful! I love him so much. He's truely the greatest thing, & I'm blessed to have him.
Every year, I have a mini birthday celebration with my girlfriends. I know I know, I had that Thursday right? Well Cocktails & Cupcakes was kinda last minute, & Sundays Dinner was already planned.
PLUS, Not everyone could make it to Cupcakes & Cocktails & Not everyone to come to Sundays Dinner. Last year, We met up & went to a  Mugs & Movies to watch The Proposal! [GREAT movie]
So...We packed up & drove downtown Savannah Georgia, 30 minutes from where I live to eat at a FANTASTIC restaurant, Vinnie Van Go-Go's. It's an Italian restaurant, and if you've eaten New York Pizza, this is as close as it gets! Yuuummmmmy!
Take a second to look at our Sunday Fun!

Ohhhh, and how could I forget... it was smoakn' HOTT & we were melting by the minute. YUCK!TT!

    I had Pepperoni & Spicy Italian Sausage
    Bridget, Ashly, Me, Rachel, & Holly
    Heather, Bridget, Rachel, Me, Holly, & Ashley
    We decided we were going to try a JUMPING picture.. My first ever...
    Rachel jumped up & not down...I die laughing EVERYtime I look at this picture!
    THis was the best there was... We laughed so hard!
    It wasn't graceful like the pictures I've seen before...
    Made the perfect memory.
    Being we were all melting to death... we didn't stay long.
    Once we arrived home... I snapped a few more pictures!
    You Met Rachel at my Cupcakes & Cocktails party...
    Meet Holly,
    Another Bestie of mine..
    Went went to High School together, Cheered, & have remained friends, yet grown SO much closer through the years!
    This is Ashely, Holly Sister in Law.
    I haven't been privledged enough to hand out with her a lot
    Although, we've done the girls thing a few times. She's Great & Needs to come around more often!
    When I walked in my door, from the crazy heat... this is what I found!
    MY FAN!!!!
    I've been dying for this!!
    Happy Early Birthday
    From my Sister In Law, Bridget, Brother in Law, Patrick &
    cute little Nephew, Reid...
After starring at my ceiling fan for 20 minutes, Aaron arrived && we were out the door to play some Tennis with Friends! It was great. We both played in High School, and used to play all the time.. but it's been a while. I still have an Amazing Back Swing! But.. I'll admit, I do have a hard time running the court when playing Singles. Due to a lightning storm, our tennis time didn't last long.
We came home for some OT on the couch!
So, my weekend was absoultely TERRRRIFIC! I sit back && feel so grateful, honored, & completely out of this world happy! I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life... Everything is just going great & I LOVE being grown up!  Life is truely the best gift & God is graciously amazing to me!
I couldn't ask for a better life than this!
I'm just SUPER happy & want the world to know!

♥ miss jla

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I love the fan!!!! And it looks like you had a fabulous weekend with the ladies! :)