Monday, June 28, 2010

My Apology to you ALL!

PLLLLLLEASE excuse me not responding to your lovely comments!  Geez, how in the WORLD did I now know I had my comments blocked? Weird! Forgive me! I was WONDERING how I could read them in my email, but would not show up on my blog!!!! I'm a little slow. I know, you're thinking, she's a blonde, right?

Would be believe me if I told you I was a natural red head?  You just learned something new about me!

Tomorrow is catch up day! I will be writing back!
Thanks for understanding! Again, I'm terribly sorry!

miss jla


Karen Mortensen said...

Okay. I forgive you. I just learned how to get comments sent to my email. It is cool.

Double Wide Mom said...

NO problem, of course this is the first comment I've left you. Thanks for stopping by my double wide and for your sweet comments. Looking forward to a lasting friendship over a big glass of sweet tea or cup of joe!

Anonymous said...

Haha..The same thing happened to me..This blog business is tricky!