Monday, June 14, 2010

Who's your Celebrity Look-a-Like?

So, it seems to me we all look like someone out there in the world. I get this a lot. Some random person is always asking me if I this person, or that person. I don't have a clue. It must be true that I have a lot of twins out there. Where? I'd love to meet a look alike, would you?
- Let's travel wayy back in time to my freshman year of High School I played tennis for the school My coach would always call me Cameron. Cameron Diaz that is. She swore I looked just like her. At the time... COach Moss was the only person who saw it. As the years passed... I was told that more often. It's a compliment. I've always LOVED Cameron Diaz. I think it's fantastic. Her Movies are wonderful. Although, I've never seen myself look like her. I'm short... she's tall. I'm meaty.. she's boney. I have thick hair. Her's is thin. Okay, so MAYBE we have the same personality, but what does that mean? Just last week at work I had a guy say to me? .... "Has anyone ever told you you look like... ... .... dang, what's that actress' name?" I smiled, & said... I've been told a lot that I look like Cameron...." He interupts! "That's it.. Cameron Diaz... Gosh, you look just like her." I blushed.What do you think?

Whatcha THink?

-Today, on this 110 degree HOTT summer day in Georgia... I'm sitting at work, swampped!!! I have an office full of people waiting to be next in line & this gentleman looks over at me. Gives me a weird look... I smile back, then these words come out of his mouth. "Has anyone ever told you.... you look like....[Immeditately I'm thinking, Cameron Diaz...then he says...] Brooke Hogan?" My entire office starts saying.. "Oh my, you look just like Brooke Hogan?" Ugh! Can we go back to Cameron? I always thought Brooke was kinda..."dirty" so I wasn't too happy about it. My friend on facebook seem as if I should have taken it as a compliment. Yikes! I googled BROOKE HOGAN... Yes click HERE to see what I got. Aaron thought it was great! Yuck! Here are the better pictures of Brooke. I didn't want to dirty my page up with the other photos.
Give me your opinion... Do I look like Brooke Hogan?

What about YOU! Has anyone ever said YOU looked like a certain person?
Better yet, Have you been told you looked like a Celebrity? If so, share with me. It's interesting to see everyones opinions.
Post a picture of your Celebrity look-a-like on your blog as well.

Have a great day!
♥ jla


jami @ i m a g i n e said...

Yes! You totally look like her - a knockout! I've been told I look like Kelly Rippa (when I have blonde hair) and Shania Twain (when I'm a brunette)! Cute blog! Following you now! xo - jami

Jenna Renee said...

In some of my pictures and with some of my hair styles I have been told I look like Reese Witherspoon... I agree, I think you look like both!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours! I am following you now too!! :)