Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Thursday Five

Happy Thursday

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Here are my reasons-

1. I am absoultely, positively, hands down, completely blessed to have a companion who supports me in everything. [Of course they should always...] We've come so far since age 15, & it's really awesome to have faced the challenges of growing together at a young age. We've grown so much respect & support for one another... geez, I'm guilty of wearing the biggest smile right NOW. Whatever I need or want or whatever he seems to think I need or want... He bends over backs to surprise me with it. 
 It's truley amazing to share life with someone like him. 
 I'm the LUCKIEST girl in the world.
2. I became delighted on Sunday, to know that my best friend, Danielle, was going to be spending the day with me. I felt like kid again. We laughed hysterically, while re-living the childhood game playing Mario 3 on the Ninetindo. It was Awesome. Although, we had to take a break due to our fingers being sore from pressing the buttons to hard, so we decided to join my Sister in Law Bridget, Brother in Law Patrick, & their son, Reid in the Pool. He was adorable! After that, we road around our small town on the Mule. [No...Not the Animal] Click HERE to view what I'm talking about. It was great!
3. Today is my Parents 10 Year Anniversary. Ten years of Marriage. Seventeen years together!
4. boy oh boy... was I cheerful, when Aaron & his friend Jon drove up Sunday with our new Refridgerator. [only to become sad when my carpet didn't arrive yesterday.. ugh] We didn't plan for a new one... It Happens! It's very basic.. but niice! .. [& still paying cash for everything.. which makes BOTH of us cheerful.. yet, our pockets are dry & empty]
5. My Mom & I went to go watch my Nephew, Austin play in his Baseball Tournament Friday Night. Although they called it, due to the Lightning, the 45 mins. that we did watch was great! He's a great player... & they won! yay!

THere it is...I'm all done! 
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Have a HAPPY Thursday... [Tomorrow is Friiiday ;D]

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