Monday, June 21, 2010


Ohhhh, am I obsessed! My Great Grandmother, taught my Grandmother, [You'll hear me call her Ganny], Ganny taught my Mom, & my Mom taught me.... It all was first learned from the brilliant woman Emily Post.

                               Emily Post was & is the most trusted name in etiquette -
                                                                       1873 - 1960

My Favorite Book -
Emily Post  ETIQUETTE written by Peggy Post
Which is the one I'm holding in the picture... is the one I live off of & it has everything.
I do not have all of these books, but I do plan to one day. Everything & Anything I do... I do my research.
I'm starting this blog, because of two reasons.
1) It's very interesting to learn the "etiquette" of everything. You'll find yourself glued!
2) This world is becoming more inconsiderate everyday! People should know.
~ Four Things Etiquette Is Not ~
A Set of rigid rule - with time, Manners Change
Something for th wealthy or well-born - there is not code of behavior for people
A thing of the past - the bedrock principles of etiquette remain as solid as they ever were.
Snobbiness - little violates the tenets of etiquette more than snobbery -

Come along a learn the interesting ways of etiquette...
& remember... what is written on this blog.. I've learned from Ganny, My Mom [ Super Woman ], or  Emily Post ETIQUETTE written by Peggy Post

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