Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Five

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Today is FABULOUS already!!!
Well... just scroll down to find out my FIVE reasons:


1. TODAY is my half day. Which means I work until 1 o'clock. I'm SUPER stoked.

2. My Mom & I are headed to Savannah as soon as I get off, to look for MORE home decor, curtains, & get kitchen ideas.

3. MY FLOORS came in & they've been laid down. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Next Monday, Our carpet will be in. I'm waaaay excited!

4. I started making my Invitations for a Lingerie Shower I'm throwing for a friend of mine. Hot Pink & Zebra print, &  Black Lace. Can we can SEXY? It's going be to amazing!

5. SAving the BEST for last - Memorial Day was MOnday.

... & this brings tears to my eyes!

I hope everyone has a HaPpY Thursday && a safe weekend!!



A Marine's Wife! said...

Have fun in Savannah! I've always wanted to go!

jla said...

Thanks! You should come! I live about 30 minutes from Savannah, but have grown up here my entire life. It's so beautiful!