Monday, March 21, 2011

First taste as a Business Owner = She's a Bad Mam'ma Jamm'ma...

Exhausted? 110%
Friday Night - The hubby to be and I had a date with Bass Pro Shop and Target.
Had intentions of grocery shopping at Walmart, but learned tht Target was just as good for the items we needed. [30 Smart Ones]  Our reasoning for hitting Target was because my dearest, hometown, blog friend Caitlin @ A Journey from Miss to Mrs. had her first wedding shower. Being we got caught in Bass Pro Shop for entirely to long... it lead us little time in Target. Wedding Registry? I realized I can not do this kinda thing. I was running in circles. Caitlins invitation had a recipe card attached to it asking for one of our recipes.
My mind instantly thought, Homemade Chicken Alfredo. I had all intentions of buying everything that went with this recipe. Food, [minus the Chicken and Broccoli] Frying Pan, Cutting Board, Etc. Being I stink at findind items on a registry && we were running out of time before Target closed. I left it with Aaron... Ha!
While I grocery shopped. Caitlin got the most random items, however "well, they were all on her list." [Quote Aaron] She still got the food to go with the recipe, however not a pan or cutting board.

Saturday - I had to work from 10am - 2pm. This was a day that didn't reeeeally have a lot going on, to everything. I went everywhere this day. Got up, showered, got ready. Filled my car up with gas. [my car had been out of gas for three days and had been using Aaron's truck.. I ran out in my driveway. ??? Who does that?] Headed to work. Clocked out. Dollar General. Bi-Lo. Office Max. Now headed to the Shower.
We live in a small town, so I was able to see a lot of people. It was great. Never seen so many woman in my life. I believe she opened gifts 5pm. [It was a Drop In] Left later than expected [I talk too much], headed home to do my cousins hair. [Voted -Most of hair I've ever dealt with] Took me three hours from start to finish. Time- 7:00pm. I've mentioned once before that I joined the Pure Romance Team. I am a consultant and even though I'm new at this... I'm very fimiliar with this company. Very good friend of mine, Karen works for this company and has been trying veeeerrrry hard for YEARS to get me to join. Well, Aaron and I decided it would be a great opportunity to start, so we can [hopefully] be 100% debt free by our wedding day. I had my product but didn't have a clue what I was doing to prepare for my FIRST SHOW that very next day, Sunday. So I put everything in my tubs and headed to Karens house, where she helped organize my showcase and guided me. [Karen is crazy successful at her job. I wanna make HALF of what she makes] Being I've hosted many, many, many shows for her for many, many, many years... I had a really big head start. I have also been shadowing her for weeks now, paying attention to everything. I left her house at 10pm. LONGEST DAY EVER!
Sunday - Was I nervous? Oh yeah. But felt so prepared and on top of things. Got up. Cooked Breakfast. Aaron left for Fishing & I jumped in the bath. Got myself ready and started getting everything together.  I went through all my stuff and practiced in my living room all morning long. Yes, my couch pillows were the best listeners. I set my display table up multiple times and before I knew it, it was that time to throw my clothes on and head for Metter, GA. Yes.. I still felt good, but was nervous at the same time. I left my house earlier, leaving me time to get lost. I texted my sister "I'm gonna need for you to give me a HELL YEAH, You got this, please!" Well she did and then she called me and boosted me up. When arriving I wasn't terribly nervous. Got in, set up and was ready to rock N roll. How'd the party go? Let's just say, I sold $600 of product and accessories! Being I made $240 after taken taxes & shipping out.
She's a Bad Mam'ma Jamm'ma!
MY first show ever. EVER! Definitely gave me confindence and the want for more.
 Holy Moly!
My goal was to sell $100 dollars and book another party. I didn't book a party, however I have a few ladies interested. So, I will be making calls... I will get my party from them.

Aaron worked all weekend as well. We was on call, so he fished in between, but had a veerrrrry busy weekend at Badger. He said they worked him over.
After my party. I went BACK to Karens house so she could show me how to enter everything and re-order. Once again, another late night. Got home around 9pm, around the same time  my Aaron was walking in the door.
We were BOTH exhausted and pooped. We Ate. Took our showers and hit the pillows.

Monday- My body hates me. Tonight will be an EARLY night for the both of us.


Day 2 Day Living said...

Busy busy girl!
I hope you have complete success with your new business!

Ashley said...

Awesome! I'm a Stella & Dot stylist and it has far exceeded my expectations! You should check out my Style Files page on Facebook-

I often post pictures wearing the jewelry!

Ash @

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