Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turkey Season, Fun.

Opening Day of
Turkey Season

The things we do for love♥
That's right. I'm sitting underneath a tree with my hubby to be....
waiting on this bird!

I'm not much of a hunter. Actually, when I was a kid [BIGGEST Disney fanatic of all time] and I watched Bambi for the first time, I thought... Who could kill an animal? I hated Bambi for that reason.
Who knew I'd end up marrying hunting-holic!

I pray for my sake, we don't see a turkey.
I pray for Aaron's sake he kills one. Yet I also pray for his & my sake I don't freak out!
Aaron is so excited about opening day. Earlier this week I walked in our living room to find him
sitting there, fully clothed in his camo, head mask and all... sitting on his butt pad by.him.self.
I thought poor thang! Until he made me do the same. I didn't cooperate very well.

[Butt Pad]

I must admit. I went turkey hunting with him ONE time last year...
and I have to say, it was more exciting than I thought. NOTHING like deer hunting.
I'm too hyperactive for deer hunting.


Kristin said...

BAHAHAHA!! That is too funny!!!
Our season hasn't started yet.
But the fishing sure is good!

Ashley said...

haha so funny!! I have been itching to go turkey hunting for a while -- The Husband just hasn't had a moment to take me since season opened =/

Marcy XOXO said...

LOL! Oh yes... the things we do for love! How funny ;) Hope he catches one!

Shannon said...

holy smokes! you are a better gal than me, i tell mine to go alone and just bring home the!