Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yay, Brad & Emily♥

Okay okay... SOOOO much to say! I'll start with ...

I could not be happier for Brad and Emily!
 Yay! I haven't danced in my living, sweated under my arms, nor have I had the yucky scary feeling in my tummy as I did last night in.a.very.long.time! Boy, was I going crazy. High & Low moments!
Me & A Journey from Miss to Mrs.,Caitlin were texting like crazy....
It was great!

My Thoughts & Opinion on last nights show

Chantal meeting Brad's family- It went well. She was carefree and happy.
Someone, please tell me there is at least ONE of you out there that when meeting your beau's parents, better yet MOM... You told her how "awesome" she was that night.
I finally realized why I never pulled for her last night. Do I think she fell in love with Brad, yes. But geez, I feel she is a push over. Trying too hard. I love you. You better put the ring on my finger. Just marry me already. blah blah blah. Racking my nerves.
LOVED the map she drew. That was awesome & the letter she wrote to follow was pretty great too. I have to remind myself that she did put her heart out there.
Sharks? Let me just say... I love my man very very very much. Always have. Many of times I would have done a lot to prove my love. However, I will not jump in a pit full of frogs for him. No way, never will. Deep water was Chantals biggest fear, not alone deep water with great whites. Stupid, Brad would have had to send me home.
That being said, It was pretty cool. [ha!]
Overall, I thought their date went really good. But I did notice, he didn't touch or kiss her much.

-Emily meeting Brad's family...
Okay, I was nervous. They really liked Chantal. Emily looked amazing, of course.
Hated seeing the families face when Brad informed them she had a 5 year old. My heart dropped as well as all of their faces. My heart dropped more when the younger brother asked about the "dad". Awkward? But good... They were all broken hearted. I was proud of Emily for saying it so strong. I broke down in serious tears, like.a.baby when Emily was talking along with Brad's mom. I loved how open she was with all of them. Seeing his mom crying over "My favorite part about what Emily said was... She said he was her Angel."
Boo whoo... I was bawling.
Their last date? WTH? Boring and he looked like he didn't want to be there. I was soooo nervous and freaking out at this point. But my gut said the show was just doing that to screw with our mind & hearts. Again, back at the house. Brad's words to Emily were to die for. I wanted her to shut her trap when asking over and over again about being a dad... however, I can't imagine. This is her FIRST time letting a man in Rickis life, let alone going to be a father figure. I could see both sides of the fence here.
When saying goodbye to Emily, I knew she was the one because Brad did not want her to go. Quote Aaron, "He had no problem saying Bye to Chantal."

The FINAL ceremony....
I knew whoever was going to be seen first was the goner. I hate Chantals hair up, however she looked really pretty. LOVED her dress. I was really nervous for her... I was.
Then, Brad speech... she was at awe until.. "This is where it gets hard..." Man, I can't imagine what she felt like because I had to get Aaron to pull the dagger our of my heart.
Seriously. Her tears were so real and I pretty much saw her heart through the black dress burst and die. I hate broken hearts, and though I was TEAM EMILY all the way... I was broken for this girl.
Then Emily... Brad's smile was so real and happy knowing Emily was on her way.
She too, looked great. His words.... Oh my! Gosh, they were awesome. Aaron swears he wasn't, but I'm pretty sure Brad Womack got to Aaron too. His words were incredible.
The Ring... My ol' my. Beautiful. However, I'd pissed that he didn't even have any part in picking it out. I guess that's how it goes? I don't know being this was my first season watching. I couldn't have been more excited and happy with the turn out of the show

Someone, PLEASE show me where Emily is LACKING Emotion?


The After Show...

This is what every ones talking about. I won't lie. I was in shock when hearing Brad say they actually broke up & that March 14th was their actual wedding day but.....
Let's bring Emily out.
Okay... I'm sooooooooooo annoyed with the media & feel like going off on these people.
The entire world was TEAM EMILY. Never did I see... "I want Chantal to win" whatsoever...
Now that the to have admitted they are struggling, She's no good. WTH? He picked the wrong one? Did he really? Chantal is already dating someone else? Which is a crock of crap. She's still in love with Brad [& that's okay] and to her saying "I've found the one". Bull crap sweetie or you wouldn't be crying, begging for answers. That's why you weren't picked because, once again... you are trying too hard and forcing love.
Ya can't force love. It won't work.
 Yes, we all knew Chantal was loving him... so why now that the "fairytale" isn't a fairytale, Emily is trash? A Bitch? Snotty? Oh, I see the real side now? Question for all those crazy people... Do you show your blog friends/In Laws/Your Children's Teachers/Preachers & Pastors/Your Doctors/Neighbors your winy side? Your grumpy side? Your crazy temper tantrums? Your insecurities? Your... whatever it is you have.. because we ALL have something. You probably don't.
Because Brad referred to "Sweet Little Emily" having a different , big deal! We all do and if you say you don't... I'm giggling at you. Let me tell the world... There are two people in my life that get my yucky side. That's my wonderful Man & my mother. Everyone always asks me, "Jessica, why are you always so happy?" "You are always in a great mood." "Do you ever have a bad day?" OF COURSE. Ask those two people.
REAL RELATIONSHIPS have good and bad and difficult times.
As much as I always dreamed of having the fairytale... thought everything was supposed to b e perfect for the longest time [I struggled, but woke up & smelled the coffee].. well, I do have my fairytale & it was the hardest thing I've ever done and it's STILL not over. But we are strong now. I think that's what Ryan was saying to Brad and Emily. It's the struggles that make you strong. I could NOT agree more. You think 50 years of marriage is perfect day in & day out? No way.
I respect Emily NOW more than ever. I like her more and more.
Everyday relationships are not South Africa Picnics or Elephant rides. Who does that? TV!
I.could.not.imagine.watching. my man kissing and touching other woman when I thought... When EMILY thought her and Brad had the only chemistry. Of course it stirs things up, if it didn't... THATS when theire is problems, because it's fake.
The show has only been off air for four months.
Saying, "I want a fresh start. Now that all that is over, I want an everyday, reality relationship."  Is SO smart. After ALL the BACHELOR/Bachelorette Shows, there were only three couples who have made it. THREE. I think they all gave great advice and
I hope and pray for Brad and Emily. I believe she is in love with him, just as he is very much in love with her. No relationship is perfect it's so healthy & normal to struggle.
The people who play perfect life...usually are the ones who are screwed up & very unhappy. Did we NOT see the love between the two when they were watching their proposal? Sparks!

Not wearing the ring?
Okay, I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out. I was a bit curious. However, they BOTH said they were still engaged at the beginning of the show, so I wasn't freaking out.
Then... Good ol' Brad answered ALL of our worried hearts...
It was being resized.

Only half of me feels the need to apologize for sassy words... 
I do apologize if anyone is offended or disagrees with me.

The Next Bachelorette...

If you read & viewed my post yesterday, You saw all the deleted scenes from the show.
Ashley was all over the place, therefore I had a gut feeling she maybe be the next Bachelorette...
and judging by her reactions to the episode when all the ladies were brought back...
I'm really looking forward to it. We will see.


brae&joey said...

I have never cried so much watching the bachelor before! The emotions between Brad and Emily were AMAZING!
I feel JUST LIKE you with all the negativity now! And someone told me she has never seen a guy say he loves a girl so much like Brad told Emily. I am sure if a guy has to go SO long without telling a girl he loves her they would say it that many times too! Brad and Emily are IN LOVE and there is no denying that!

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