Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Thoughts on last night "The Bachelor"

I am so excited when writing this post today, because I have a lot to say
last nights episode.


First, let me say... Ashley H. looked amazing. She was so beautiful & was working the brunette look. She's lost a few pounds, not that she ever needed to. Watching her was bittersweet for me. My heart went out for her because I do believe she did fall in love with Brad and isn't over him. I feel she hold a lot of regret, yet couldn't help her actions. She can only learn from them. My heart ripped out of my chest when I heard him say, I could see me asking Ashley H. to be my wife on the final day [or something along those lines] That had to be a dagger to her heart. But, in reality... If she thinks she's or was in love with Brad and had that connection, just wait until her future husband does walk into her life.
Second- Brad looked happier than I've ever seen him. Whoa! He really did! He was refreshed and looking mighty good looking. How loud did you laugh when he mentioned the "It's like your holding a little sun" statement when the naked guy came from behind them. Okay, maybe you weren't loud, but I have a very loud laugh... I'm pretty sure they were intoxicated. Aaron always wondered what happened from time to time, in between dates and so on... well, he got his answer last night. However, he was very bored and was not happy that last night wasn't the finale. After begging for my attention, trying to pull my focus off the TV, he realize there was no winning. He went and played in his man room until the end of the show.
Third- Oh... It's Emily! Definitely. Was anyone as stalk-ish as I was... trying to judge every smile, wrinkle, and facial expression Brad used when the two girls names popped up? When they showed back the two girls, when they first walked out the Limo & he saw Emily, He had the  most adorable smile on his face. Also, one of the girls... I don't remember who it was but mentioned Emily's name pointing fingers as to She was the one for Brad. I also read an article in the People magazine, from Shawntel. Let me just say, she looked so sad last night. Very sad. I wonder why she didn't get the hot seat? -Back to the article, Shawntel stated, she thought Brad was in love with Emily from the beginning." I like her & know that she too, will find someone who will love her for HER and everything she does. Yes, it would be weird knowing your conversations were going to be about death, but on the brighter said... someone has to do it. -Random statement, but back to Shawntel hometown date she was telling Brad that she see's beauty when talking to the family. I [Jessica] personally know, when my Ganny [Grandmother = Amazing woman in my life] passed away 6 years ago after battling lung cancer for a year, she looked ... bad. She was so skinny, fragile, and weak. Her face was bony and didn't look like our Ganny. However, She looked amazing at her visitation. Besides being skinny, she looked like my Ganny and that was very happy & comforting to know. My last memory was a good Ganny. Not a sick one. So, to people like Shawntel - Thank you! It takes a special person, however we all appreciated it. Sorry, I know that was random. I am guilty of this too, but people laughed & pointed fingers at her about her job, but that is who she is.

Now for all my thoughts on last night -
Was Jackie NOT so annoying? Really? Shush your mouth! Geez, She has points, but she also let me see a different side I didn't see before.
Michelle - Okay, I did feel for her. I really did. When they played back the comments she was  throughout the show and I'll be honest, I did NOT like her first time watching. But after hearing that she was being humerus and such, okay maybe she was. Loved how she said, Do I really want Monkey to attack Chantel, No. It made sense.Yes, I still agree she wasn't there for the right reasons, however she was pretty cool when she was one on one. It was weird to see a lot of the girls in the house say they were friends with her. So, I think I misjudged her. However, I did not give the pity party for all the " I left my daughter" Okay, yes you did. Do I think that makes her a "bad" mother, no way. But, don't throw your actions or verbal actions to the daughter excuse because ONE you were sent home. TWO everyone is scolding you. To the girl who sat above Jackie who said "i know my mom wouldn't leave me... blah blah blah" I wanted to slap her. Also saying Michelle was a bad mom for leaving her child. Well, does that make Emily a bad mom? No. I was seriously talking to the TV at this moment. Who was she to say or judge what kind of mom Michelle was. Your hideous words little lady is why I don't even remember you and is why Brad sent you home
you aren't worth remembering. Sorry, A little steam came out. That's what I think of her.
Impressed - I really wanna have the ability to drink wine with my foot. Seriously, that was awesome!
Chantal O - Not much was said about her, except when showing clippings of her and Brad. However, the belly situation. I thought she just maybe had something wrong or sway back or... something. Because on the last few shows... It's been poking out. Hold up! I'm not judging... It pokes out in a very awkwardly matter. Almost as if she were preggers. Not saying she is, but a pregnant belly vs fat belly are different things. Aaron and I seemed to think that that was how her body was shaped maybe or something was wrong because it was like this a lot. However,  Being He & I started watching this after the first handful of episodes, we missed out. We never saw Brad & Ashley Carnival date or Emily & Brads first date or Chantel & Brad first date. We missed out on a lot, but looking back last night... Chantel did NOT have the odd thing happening in her belly area in the green dress when she slapped Brad. Nor did she have it in Costa Rica. What happened? I'm sure they ate, but even on their "dates" with Brad... It annoyed me to the MAX because I never saw anyone finish or even touch their dinner. What is this?
First Impression Ashley - Why are you crying so much? Maybe the guys flee from you because you get attached SO darn easily and think you are falling. You can't freak men out like that. I mean, she REALLY was crying. Yes, it would hurt to hear You don't make a good wife. But Brad said "I don't think you would make a good wife for me" Meaning, you are not the one. Right? The difference I saw [because I missed the first couple of shows] Ashley was really fun & comforting at the beginning, but when I started watching this season, is when the Two Ashley's went on the date with Brad and Crying Ashley went home.  Crying Ashley was very boring on the double date. She looked miserable and sappy.  I couldn't then, nor do I understand now STILL why she was crying SOOO much.

 Overall the show was good!
Can't wait until next week when Brad proposes to Emily! Yay!

This ticks me off!
I haven't read it, however my morning radio show was discussing this this morning!
This is a joke. Some chick named Cory shows up NOW and says, Ricky Hendrick was really engaged to me. He was seeing Emily but engaged to me a week before his death.
*A gold digger obsessed with fame? Did you not see her HOUSE? Dude, she doesn't need anyones money.
Joke. Joke. Joke.
It really erks my soul, however... they magazines have to make money. When you sign up to be on television, you sign up for people destroying your reputation.
Whether or not any of this is true [I do not believe] Brad still feel in love with Emily. Not because she had a ex die. Not because her past. Because she was real and awesome. Amazing mother and never had any drama. The radio show also said that she wasn't a Childrens Home event planner. Who cares.
Whether she is a stay at home mom or an event planner... Why does anyone care!
Brad was SOOOO stinkin Happy & I really believe his significant other is Emily Maynard.
If she is NOT & Chantal is, that's okay too. Whoever it is is doing a perfect job of keeping Brad happy.  


Pamela said...

I agree with everything you said! :D I did feel bad for Michelle, after last night too!! It shocked me too, how she was good friends with a lot of the girls in the house! It was her choice to leave her daughter, just like Emily! I hope Emily wins. I don't believe she has lied about her past! Come on now, I live in NC - hello Nascar! ha! can't wait til Monday! My hubby watches it with me too & he said that if Emily doesn't win, he is going to be so mad haha! :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your Bachelor posts!! I always agree with you!! I am thinking Emily will be the chosen woman now too!! I've always leaned toward Chantal b/c I LOVED Emily so much that I didn't want to get my hopes up and be bummed at the end! So, if he picks her I will be so excited! Ashley did look AMAZING-I love her dark hair! I felt terrible for Michelle, she did drive me nuts during the show but my gosh they really did put her "in the hot seat" That girl above Jackie needed a slap in the face!(Well, so did Jackie) Who was she by the way? I guess Brad sent her nasty self home at the beginning. lol
& I love the way Brad looked so happy too!

I can't wait for the finale! We should have a Bachelor finale party ;)

Oh & my brother watched a few episodes with me-& he said "Wow, the girls must be fed well." He was talking about Chantal's weight gain! I wonder if Brad noticed?<~He had to. Ok super long comment! Hope you are having a great week!

L0veLindsey said...

Yes, yes, yes! I agree with everything you said.. Jackie ANNOYED the crap out of me the entire night! I'm pretty sure that every time she talked I said shut up to the TV. My hubs was trying to sleep (I watched it late) and I woke him up a good 3 or 4 times.. woops! So excited for next week! I hope he picks Emily!! She's so down to earth, drama free, and not to mention beautiful on the inside and out! Team Emily! ;)

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