Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Weekend with a ONE year old!

Miss Emily Grace
Friday I clocked out @ 6pm. Headed to my sisters house to pick up my sweet 18 month old niece,
Emily Grace!
She is so precious & has the best personality. We have a lot of fun keeping our nieces & nephews.
However, we've never kept any of them for an entire weekend. That happened this past weekend.
We really had a wonderful time!

Picked Emily up. Danced the way home to isty bisty spider. Uncle Aaron was waiting for us.
Changed the little princess & myself. Out the door we went. Wait... I forgot to mention all the extra stuff we had to bring.
Baby Doll - CHECK
Car Seat- CHECK
Diaper Bag - CHECK
Gold fish - CHECK

We headed out the door to dine at Longhorn Steakhouse. Yum! Emily was about to fall asleep as we drove up so I was a little worried. 30 minute wait... Not bad. We'll wait.
Moment that melted my heart- Emily holding both mine and Aaron's [one] finger walking in! How sweet!
As we waited outside, we had to entertain. 
Let's feed Aunt Jess & Uncle Aaron goldfish... over and over and over again. 
We rocked baby asleep and then played horsey on Aunt Jess' legs & played where's Aaron nose, Aunt Jess' Nose, & Emily Belly Button!
It got windy so we decided to go inside. Emily already had a stuffy nose so we didn't want to make it worse.
Weirdest Moment:  Emily went straight up to a lady who looked a lot like my sister. We are pretty sure she thought this lady was my sister. She climbed in her lap, laughed, and spoke baby talk to her. Then laid her head down. This was precious to the entire party of 12 that was with this lady, who also was "due" in three weeks. She loved it. I'd say we were a little embarrassed. But it was cute. Until their table was called.
Emily was very good and used her good manners while we ate at the table. However, It was her bedtime and she was getting tired. I gave her meds. .... .... .... DROWSY? Yes! She started to get irritated yet was very good. Aaron thought we should leave. No way. It's okay. We will make due. I set her in the highchair, stuffed her jacket around her and used my jacket as a cushion. She and her baby laid right there and went to sleep. Only for a little while. She's too cute not to talk to.
Moment that melted my heart: ONE- She wanted Uncle Aaron to feed her. TWO- [may sound ridiculous] watching Aaron change pour her juice into her cup. Never seen that before. I'll admit, I'm smiling gigantically as I type this. I can see my future in his eyes last night. OUR future. It was great!
FIRST TIMER for Aunt Jessica- using the family changing table. Okay, so I was a little nervous. I wanted to make sure I changed her pants before we got in the truck, because I knew she would be out like a light.  That think did NOT look as if it would hold her. So I propped my leg under it while changed miss Emily. I was a bit nervous, however my attention was taken away as soon as Emily saw the ladies feet under the stall beside us. She started baby talking very loud and pointing. It was hilarious.
She was out like a light the very second we put her in the truck.
Uncle Aaron carried her in...

... just like this.
The next morning this precious angel woke up around 7am. Which was great because I was up already.. I didn't sleep worth darn the entire night.... Seriously, I probably slept three hours. I made the mistake of putting her in the room with us. Em has a cold, so she was very snotting throughout the entire night. I was freaking out. I had to work Saturday from 10am-2pm, so I put her in made with Uncle Aaron while she took a second to reeeallly wake up. He loved it. She kept poking him and then would laugh hysterically. It really melted my heart completely. When Aaron would walk out the room, she'd look at me and hold her hands up and say, "where he goooo?" Big smile!
I fed them breakfast and got her ready for Grandmas house. After clocking off, I went straight there and picked her back up. I'll be honest, I was sooooo tired. We came back to the house and played for a few hours. Chloe, Emily's big sister was staying with Grandma & Papa for the weekend, so she came over for a few hours to play also. Candy Land QUEEN! Emily went down for her nap & then was up ready for the night. Dinner & Play time.
Around 8:30, she was ready for bed... [Please Lord, Let my child be as good as her] Almost asleep and Aaron came in from fishing. She was up for a bit, so they played.

On again... off again!
On again... Off again!

The same morning routine, however I did not have to work. This time, we figured we let her meet Reid. Our nephew from Aaron's sister. They had a ball at Aaron's Moms house, which is next to ours.

Reid pitched a fit when we left. Not because of us... It was all her!

We played more .....

She put the glasses on and said...

and then after her nap we took her to McDonald's & headed home!

So pretty!

The weekend was wonderful & we'd have little Emily over in no time!
She was very happy to see her Mommy & Daddy!
Aunt Jess was exhausted & Uncle Aaron's was for sure made up about babies!
He's reeeeeallly ready for them!


Ali said...

This is so cute :) glad you had fun!

Marcy XOXO said...

This is so sweet Jess! You all are going to make wonderful parents and that little girl has the prettiest eyes!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

She's a precious little girl! Sounds like y'all had a fun, and packed weekend! I definitely can see a future baby in y'alls future ... very NEAR future! :)