Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama always taught me.....

...  to be the better person.
Sometimes, I wish I could speak my mind and just say what I feel.
If I could only say certain things, but I don't...

"I just smile, and say God bless." -Miranda Lambert  


I am in a terrrrrrific mood today, thanks to THIS post [Thanks Aly's Dad].

I promise to share my Spring Blog Swap gift, which is pretty amazing!
I hoped to take pictures of everything last night, however we had dinner with the family, celebrating Mama's Birthday.
Lindsey @ Lovin' My Life was my partner and she hit home. You'll understand why I have to take time with my photos once you see what she bought me! :)
THanks Lindsey!

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Anonymous said...

HEHE, I love this Jess!