Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Why is it, that my office is opened today? Boy, I tell ya... We are SUPER-D-DOOPER dead! It's awful!!!!
Being the 4th fell on a Sunday.. && we have Sundays off... They skipped out on giving us today off! YUCK! So.. While everyone is still enjoying America's Birthday... I'm getting paid to post my weekend!!!
[The Little Bit of Pictures I have] Heck Yeeeeah!  I didn't take ANY pictures this weekend.. So I had to steal them from a friend of mine!!! :)

As I explained yesterday... We spent our weekend celebrating America's Birthday at Santee Cooper! Aaron & his family have a place up there on the lake. It was a quick weekend, and to be honest... I would have preferred to stay home! Not because I didn't have fun! Of course I had a good time!!! It was just too quick. Thanks JOB!

Many of our crew left days before the weekend started. Our Men left early so they could catch a round  of golf && fish a little...While, I rode up [after work] with my girlfriend Shanna, & her Son Jonathan! When we FINALLY arrived on Goat Island [We're we stay] ... We found our crew at the Restaurant/Tiki Bar. I tell ya, from the looks of them.. I swear they didn't drink a thing all day! NOT! They had an awesome band && a nice crowd. It didn't take me long to get on the dance floor when I heard the Cha-Cha Slide over at the Tiki Bar! Here are a few snap shots from the rest of the weekend ----

-Saturday Morning, We awakened to Aaron's Mom, Mrs. Kandi cooked French Toast & Sauage! [This woman is a House Wife for SHO... She'll cook you anything you want...] After our food settling, we packed our beach bags and got the boats ready... A little FUN in the Sun!

                                                           Our Nephew, Reid Avery
                                                            He's SUCH a good Baby.

Aaron's Daddy, Paul
On the Boat... Headed to the Sandbar.
Mrs. Kandi, Aaron's Mom
All of Us hung out on the Sand Bar for a few hours....

[Meet, Wolf... A precious Dog, that CAN'T swim]
This is Aaron on the Float [Recovering] & Myself...
Making sure Wolf doesn't Fall..
... After the Sandbar, We came back to enter ourselves
in the Cornhole Tournament.

Aaron & Shanna playing a little game before the tournament.

Jon & Joe, also practicing...
I actually think this was a game against one another.
Aaron & Jon against Shanna & Joe

Cliff & Tammy Jo stop for a Snap Shot!

After the Tournament...
We came back to entertain ourselves with some Sparklers...
[i loved these as a child.. && still do]

[Excuse the Water on the Shirt... The Men had a Water Balloon Fight..]
Every Now & Then... The Kid in us comes out...
Have NO clue.. What's So funny!

Maybe this???
Or this...
That's right... This is the man I'm IN LOVE with!

Later that evening... Some of us went to a cookout Goat Island hosted...
&& Some of us [like us] went to the restaurant for some change of scenery. While waiting on the Fireworks.. We did a whole lot of nothing. We relaxed and laid around.
He Loves his Aunt Jessica!

Aaron's parents built a hugh deck that sits on top of the mobile home.. We are not RIGHT on the water.. but close enough. Now, we are able to view the water, from the house! It's Great!
Besides, Aaron & myself... Everyone watched the Amazing Firework Show from the Deck.
[Jonathan watching the Show...]
Aaron knows it's a BIG deal for me to see the Fireworks. He was nervous, because there was a big bushy tree blocking some of the view of the show from the deck... Or He thought it would. To play it safe, Aaron took me on the Boat. As we sat there, in the water... under the fireworks, we laughed about our past fourth of Julys! It was great! It was a pretty awesome show!!!  We [Aaron & I] ended our Night.. Kicking everyones BUTT in
Cornhole! We are on top of our game!!!

Sunday Morning came.. Breakfast was served again && Not long after, we were on our way back home!
It was a short weekend, yet it was relaxing! We'll need it for this up coming weekend.
My entire family is coming to my parents house on Thursday for a four day family reunion!!! Yay!!! I can't WAIT to see the family!

Hope EVERYONE enjoys their MONDAY off && had a FUN weekend!!!
♥ Miss JLA


Jen said...

Looks like you had a fantastic 4th of July! Following from Lady Blogger Tea Party!


Shannon said...

Stopping by from the Tea party...cute blog! Looks like a great 4th! Looking forward to reading more.

Zabrinah said...

Visiting from the LB tea party.

Your nephew is BEYOND ADORABLE. That was a great post.