Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is anyone else REALLY missing Thursday Five w/ MannLand5?

I'm having withdrawls!!!! I miss Thursday Five because I REALLY wanna say that my 102 followers have made me Happy, Giddy, Delighted, Honored, & Stoked this week.
but, I did find this new blog that seems to be pretty darn cool!
This Thursday, I've decided to participate in her Blog Hop!

with a co-host

Both blogs are SUPER cute and have a lot going on, which I love!!! I'm happy I've found them!
Go check them out!!!


jenn@peacelovemommy said...

I super super miss it! I heard some other bloggers are continuing it but just not the same =(

I'll check out that hop next week now that my family is gone and we're back to the regularly scheduled program!

Anonymous said...

I have taken over Thursday Five. Now I know I'm not Keely and have nowhere near the follower/fan base as her, but you can always participate on my blog and link up. It actually kind of hurts my feelings that nobody wants to participate. I realize I'm not Keely and it isn't exactly the same, but I am trying here people and I just feel like nobody is giving me a chance. I feel bad and not to be a pout pot but it's just crummy to be brushed aside before being given a chance.

Sarah said...

I'm a new follower from Thursday's Friend and Giveaways.
I hope you'll come check me out at PS Mom Reviews and follow me too!
I have fun giveaways going on now, including one for a $100 GC!

Menopausal New Mom said...

You are so Sweet!!!! What a lovely post today, thank you for linking up and writing such nice things about us!

Following you too!

Tammy said...

Welcome to Thursday's Friends and Giveaways! We are so glad you joined us this week....and for writing the sweetest post about the two of us.

I love meeting new friends and blogs! It is my favorite past time nowdays! (anxiously waiting for summer to be over so I can spend way too much time on

Thanks again for stopping by! Darling blog by the way! I love your header and cute! Enjoy your day!

Jeannette said...

Thank you so much for linking up to my third edition of Friday Party Hop!

And congrats on paying off your car! We only have student loans left and we'll be debt free. It's an amazing feeling isn't it?