Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Thanks to an awesome blogger, Tricia over at Lemons to Lemonade
I've discovered something FUN to participate in while working every other Saturday!
Yes... Working I said! :( Poo on that!
But... this is pretty interesting!!!!

You should tag along!!!!
All you have to do is describe your Life in Six Words!!!

This SONG describes my life RIGHT now... MINUS the kids  and Marriage!
We play married, but we are not. We play Aunt & Uncle but we are not parents.
SOON - to a doggie [hopefully]

Just take a second to listen && enjoy our happiness! If you want!

[This is NOT our house]

Our Relationship hasn't been the easiest in our past. Starting at 15 [& being completely opposites]... You have alot of stepping stones to grow through. You balancing your transformation with being a teenager. [YIKES] Your graduating High School and learning the REAL LIFE. [Tough] Your Trying to find yourself & what you want.
[Hard to do.. some people never find it]
So, our relationship as definitely been thrown LOTS curve balls. That's why we HAVEN'T been in  a rush to get married and haven't been in a rush to live "the grown up life" although we grow closer to it everyday!
I can remember graduation day [high school], me telling my girlfriend "We can get married and have children now". [Laughing right now] Whatever! Wow!!! I thought I was grown. I thought I was ready for Marriage? No way!  I can remember my 21st birthday... I seriously thought I knew it all. Yikes.. I was just a baby. [Not really]  Not saying I know it all now.. because I surely don't!  But, If We wouldn've gotten married then.. We'd be divorced now. We won [ but almost lost] many of love/relationship challeneges since then! Yay for us! Clap Clap Clap!
Our Relationship has GROWN beyond and it's crazy. So, Yes.. I'm [We are] Proud to say, We are Soild & Strong.. and can battle through anything!

Love takes time & A LOT of work
but it the greatest reward
& it's a choice!

>We are VERY PROUD of the House we built.
Inside & Out!

♥ Miss JLA


jenn@peacelovemommy said...

good for you and yay! for making it through the bad times but the good ones make it all worth it.

we did things a little differently.... and had we of gotten married just because i was pregnant...we'd be divorced too! now we are as happy as ever

Tina said...

Visiting from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I was married at 17, and Hubs was 21. Had a baby a year later and grew up fast. Relationships are a challenge at any age, but many that start that young don't make it. What is great for you is that you seemed to know yourself well enough to know you needed to wait and do things in your own way and time. And to me, that's always a good decision. Everyone needs to do what's best for them. :o)