Monday, July 26, 2010

Party Planning & Monday Minute

Good Morning People! Blah, it's Monday. Boy, did I have a really tough time getting up this morning. Although my weekend was wonderful, it flew by in a hurry!

For the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of planning & [preparing. Friends of ours, Kristie & Michael, just built their first home. So, about a month and a half ago, Kristie's girlfriend, Sara asked if I was interested in throwing a house warming with her. Of Course!!!! So, we planned it for this past Saturday, the 24th. It was a wonderful turn out.

Kristie & Michael got married  05.18.08. They were High School Sweethearts, and have lived in the same town their entire lives. Michael is a contractor for Gulf Steam while Kristie is entering her second year of teaching Kindergarten. She's outstanding. They started building this year around January-February.

The Morning of the party.
Sara & myself went to their house to set up & prepare.
 Sara was in charge of the invitations, our gift, a plates, cups, forks, etc.
We also decided to get this photo framed, and have it matted where the guest could sign. I was in charge of the food. They preferred Hamburgers & Hotdogs. So we did so, plus backed beans,pasta salad, a fruit tray, variety of dips & Chips and then dessert. 

[The Morning before the party]
Me, preparing the Fruit Kabobs
Mrs. Cheryl, Kristie's wonderful mother also came to help.
Sara & I thought a monogrammed bucket would be a great idea to get for the couple and to hold wine & beer. Although, when the time came... We just used a cooler.
Here's a photo of it & the picture of the house framed.

[I was proud of the Fruit Dish...]
The Hosts with the NEW HOMEOWNERS
Sara, Michael, Kristie, & Myself

Again, it couldn't have turned out better. With friends, family, & great help... the party couldn't have been bad if we wanted it to. 
Another Chapter in their lives has been created!
Congratulations to Kristie & Michael!
Check out Kristie's Kindergarten Blog

Next Up....
This week I'm preparing for a lingerie shower for another friend of mine
Here's a sneak peak of the hand made invitations.

[Front & Back of the invitation with the envelope peaking through]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday Minute

Michelle, from Mommy Loves Stilettos participated in Monday Minute this morning, so after reading her post, I figured I'd play for the first time.  Welcoming myself as a participant to Monday Minute.. Here is goes!

To Play, Copy the questions, post them, and link up!

Who is your “what-if” person {What-if person being what if I married this person or am now in a relationship with “this” person}?
No way! I can honest say I do not have a what-if person. I've weeding those questions and guilty thoughts out a loooong time ago!

What is your nickname?
Most people call me Jess.  VERY rarely do I hear Aaron say my name. He has lots of names for me, they change daily, but you will hear him call me j,  and at home it's j or snookums.

If you could choose how you died, how would you like to die?
I don't like this question or talking about it. It really freaks me out. But, my answer is fast. Like everyone else, I do NOT want to suffer.

If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked?
I don't really know. There are a ton of names I really like. Jessica is TOO popular, but I don't look like anything but a Jessica.

Who were you named after or for what reason did your parents choose your name?
My name was going to be Jennifer all the way until the day I was born. I'm not named after anyone, but my Dad just decided Jessica Lynn was the right name.

♥ jessica


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Such cute pics!! Looks like a fabulous party, and I LOVE your fruit display! Also, such cute invitations for a lingerie party! You are such a sweet friend :)

Ian said...

Thanks for linking up and sharing your inner thoughts about being 'J'! :)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Lynn is my middle name too :)

♥lydia_isabelle♥ said...

great pictures!!! loved the decorations!! your a great party planner!!!

Kmama said...

Jessica Lynn is a pretty name, popular or not!

Thanks for linking up!

Nancy C said...

What a fun day! I have always wanted a classy beer/wine bucket. What a thoughtful gift!

I'm with you. Fast death, please. If I have to think about it at all.

cornflakegirl74 said...

You really are a great party planner, nice work! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Bargain Mom said...

Following from Meet and Greet Monday!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun party. You guys did a great job.

♥Cait said...

Kristie and Michael's house looks great! You and Sara did an awesome job with the decorations and party planning. Love the "Chavis" picture frame idea. Were those pictures taken around their house? And Brycelynn's invites are tooooo darn cute. How fun!