Friday, July 23, 2010

Me?? Throw a Bachelorette Party! Absoultely!

             ONE day, it'll be my turn. I'll be that girl. I'll be the....


But my day is not here, and it is not my turn.
Matter of Fact
I've ALMOST caught up with Jane [Katherine Heigel] in 27 Dresses...
So until then, I'm gonna party it up or party down
to make all the special ladies feel on top of this world.
That's how a bride-to-be should feel when they are about to get hitched!

I'm ALL ABOUT people finding love && getting married! I love love love listening, watching, and learning about different weddings! It's almost, not normal!

Starting today, The Very Best House Wife is creating a
wedding guest blog for the entire week.
She's asked ladies to volunteer to do a guest blog having to do with weddings.
[rewind... this is where I come in]
Early last week The Very Best House Wife posted a blog asking for Bad Girls Needed.
Her sister is getting married, and she needed some fun, naughty ideas...[Not Skankish].
I know I'm only 25, but I do know how to have a good time. I do know how to make a good time. I do know how to throw a bachelorette party that will never been forgotten! So... Quit reading what I'm writing at this very moment, and get your Hunky Dory butt over to The Very Best House Wife tomorrow! Seriously... You will smile, you will laugh... the truth is to be told, is Miss JLA is naughty or not?

Go View My Guest Blog 7.24.10 at


♥Cait said...

Oh Jessssss, this is EXCITING! I just added The Very Best Housewife as a friend. I can't wait to read all of the stories and finish up with some post-wedding pictures. FUN! Which day will you be posting?

A Lady! said...

Loving your blog. You look like so much fun to be around. If I weren't already married I'd want you to throw me a bachelorette party! I found you through Follow Me Chickadee.

Hannah said...

Going to check out the very best housewife I will be going to a bachelorette party in Sept.! I can always use ideas! I am following you back, sorry it took me so long! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Meg O. said...

LOVED your post! I totally would love to go to a Bachelorette party with you.... -Meg @

cornflakegirl74 said...

I also love planning bachelorette parties. I agree with the other posters--you look like a blast to be around and your energy and enthusiasm are contagious :) I am heading over to Very Best Housewife now!

france pope said...

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Layne Adams said...

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